Been so busy this past week, cracking my head up with exams. All very disappointingly tough… *sigh*

Anyway, I’m home now, left right after the Field Theory paper and as soon as I reached home, my 2 lil bros came greeting at the door shouting in unison, “Kaklongggggggg!!” and so vehemently insisted that they carry my stuff in which consisted of my laptop and a bag of laundry. Those lil fellas of mine just brighten up my day anytime…

A friend recently asked me, “You don’t write poems anymore ey naz?” Frankly not much, only dark poetries now. But here’s a poem I did a while ago that was featured in www.poetry.com

So tired of expectations
You can never live up to
Never feeling the breeze of a walk in the park
So afraid of losing
When it’s hard to keep winning
And you’re left with blind faith in the dark

Keeping your head above water
Is easier said than believed
The struggles come like waves in the sea
You don’t want to let go
Hoping there is still light
At the end where you want to be

But you are still standing
Where the winds blow into the wounds that time etches
On to your backNazihah Ismail

Copyright ©2003 Nazihah Ismail


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