Sick I Am…

I sat overlooking the sea, watching as the lil kids squealed in joy as the waves come crashing against their cute lil feet. I watched as they pulled up their pants and slowly dipped their feet in the salty water, their feet submerged in the sand as the water pulled its way back. The crispy, salty air, the vast ocean spread, all of it mesmerized me. I could see buoys floating, boats of all sizes and fishermen working hard to make wages. Children making sandcastles… when along comes an envious child and breaks it all apart…


Haven’t written for quite a while, so many things have come up. I’m currently sick, caught the whole package as some of you might say it. Missed 2 days of classes already and I have a Circuit Theory assignment and an Electronics lab report, both due tomorrow. I could’ve been home by now, enjoying all the attention a sick person could get, but no. I’m here on campus, struggling to finish off my unsettled business. I sat for an Engineering Math 1 exam last night in such a bad condition, I don’t know how I’d fare. But I’m recuperating, I hate this feeling of helplessness. Hopefully, my ass will be back in lecture halls as of tomorrow…

The average pencil is seven inches long, with just a half-inch eraser – in case you thought optimism was dead. –Robert Brault


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