It just dawned on me that finals is about to strike in 2 weeks! So that’s all pretty shitty coz I got 5 subjects to cover and they’re all mind-brain-boggling. So I guess you people prolly have to do without my entries for a while. I might be around to write a bunch of useless meaningless entries or even none at all. Depends what I have time for. It really doesn’t help that my exam schedule is one after another thus not providing any study break at all! Well except for Computer & Prog Design that is…

Anyways, I’m back to my healthy self again except for the occasional coughing. So no more skipping classes for me if I don’t wanna risk from gettin barred from the finals exams, haha. Shyte, just the thought of resitting for a paper and repeating a subject scares the hell outta me. I might get through with you people’s prayers so here goes… bring your two hands together up to your shoulder level and repeat after me… “May Naz succeed her final exams with flying colours!! Amin!!” Muchoz graciaz people!! *grins*

Guess that’ll be it from me for this entry, sorry this was short… and keep the prayers coming aight!? ;)


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