One night I had a dream…
Dreamt I was walking on the beach with The Lord, and passed scenes of my life through the sky. For each scene , I realized there were two pairs of footprints in the sand; one was mine and the other was my Lord’s.

When the last scene passed in front of me, I looked behind, for the footprints in the sand, and noticed that many times, during the path there was only one pair of footprints. I also noticed this happened during the most difficult and annoying times of my life.

It disturbed me, so I asked my Lord:
“Lord, you told me that since I decided to follow you, you would always walk by me the whole path, but I noticed that during my biggest life troubles, there was only one pair of footprints in the sand . I don’t understand why during the hours I needed you the most, you left me by myself”.

The Lord answered:
“My precious brother, I love you and would never leave you during your suffering. When you saw only one pair of footprints in the sand, that was when I CARRIED YOU IN MY ARMS.


I remember a few years ago, a friend of mine posed me this question, one that I had trouble answering. But did come across my mind even before he asked… “Naz, isn’t it weird, I study so hard and I pray and do all the needful. But why is it that I still fail? I have friends who aren’t even religious, not as in religious religious but yea, as in know their responsibilities to God but they fare way better than me. Why?? I don’t blame God or anything but it seems unfair, is this a test or is there really a hikmah behind it?”

Don’t we all feel that way? Except that most of us are just too afraid to voice it out, scared to give others an impression that we seem to be losing faith in God. It’s a scary feeling in a way, one that hits us at times of total despair and depression…

It’s at times like this that we should hold on. I try reminding myself that all the time, “Hang on Naz” or “Don’t give up just yet” but as always, it’s all easier said than done. In the end, it’s all a matter of believing in what you do and not giving up that counts.

My friend is doing fine now by the way, on his way of building up a great career. Why? He never gave up. Not on God nor himself. Neither should I… nor any of us…

In faith there is enough light for those who want to believe and enough shadows to blind those who don’t. –Blaise Pascal


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