Poems for The World…

The past week has a been a turbulent one for me. Although the exam is not yet over, I’m home and pretty glad to be. Making the most of my time at home before I return to campus on Monday and rack my brains for the final paper. I think the amount of caffeine in my body the previous week can actually wake up the dead! Apart from the fact that I’m a coffee-addict, I actually took 2 sachets of Nescafe per sitting, no other than to burn the midnight oil. My hectic days had unabled me to send off a friend who was flying off to the States. Felt a lil guilty coz I didn’t even get to see him before he flew despite the fact that we’ve been friends since young age. Oh well, all the best aight if you’re reading this.

On Friday night, a couple of friends and I decided to watch the live music concert held at PWTC called “Poems for the World”. It was a show done through a collaboration of Malaysian and Indonesian artistes under the theme of love and peace. Ruth Sahanaya sang her tunes and ended hers with the all-time fave ‘Kaulah Segalanya’ while V.E commenced with a Japanese song summing it up with ‘Ayu’. Nicolas Saputra and Dian Sastro, AADC actor and actress, probably received the most whistles and cheers as they each recited their poems. The show held many more dances, singings and poem recitals. It was pretty good, although Azreen seemed to doze off towards the end. Haha. You just gotta have an appreciation to literature to enjoy this one. Mahadzir Lokman who played as host in my opinion is a brilliant emcee, he can very well sing, extremely witty, great voice(both for singing and in delivering speeches)… but too bad he’s gay huh? The grand finale of the show saw everyone singing along to “We are the World”. I guess it was a great show, hopefully managing to instill some sort of awareness and love in us all.

By the time the whole concert ended, it was a lil bit after 11pm and everyone was starving. Munirah had to be home early so we sent her home first while the rest of us, Sarah, Amera, Azreen and I proceeded in our quest for our late dinner. With a target to aim, we sped off to Shah Alam. On our way, we actually had a debate on which course was tougher, whether it was engineering or medicine. Two future docs against two engineer-wannabes, haha! Sadly, no side won coz we never came up with a conclusion due to reasons unexplained. Upon reaching Shah Alam, we got lost in a series of roundabouts(after missing a junction), laughed too hard, got pissed off later on before finally reaching our destination… Syed Bistro. Stuffed ourselves good and I think everyone just laughed too much that night. After calling it a ‘day’, we sent Azreen home in Subang while the rest of us reached home at about 3am(don’t think my dad wasn’t at all furious about this!!).

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words. –Robert Frost


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