I’m On Hols, Yeeehaaaaaaaaa!!!!

The past few days, I’ve been waking up to the sound of extremely loud sounds of airplane stunts, probably practicing for the big merdeka day. It was so loud especially yesterday, that it made it seem as if the plane(s?) was/were so near and about to crash any minute. Unfortunately, my roommate who was oblivious to all this slept throughout the whole thing. She probably wouldn’t even wake up to the sound of a bombing. But hey surprisingly, phone rings catch her ears. Aahh ears are probably smart too, they choose what they wanna hear.

On Wednesday, Amera and Azreen came over to Cyberjaya for a visit(good thing the airplane sounds woke me up!) Both of ’em are back for hols and are soon flying off again so I figured that I’d spend as much time as I could with those two woman I’ve grown so attached to. They climbed all the way to the top floor to check out my room, while I got ready. Anywayz, we had lunch at Souq, Putrajaya. Thanks to Amera for stuffing Azreen with her homemade lasagne, Azreen ended up having ABC rather than a proper meal. We took loadsssss of pictures, captured ourselves with silly grins and silly acts under the HOT HOT sun. We actually headed off to Cyberpark right after and squealed in joy as we slided through the meandering slides. I was prolly the loudest but who cares coz there wasn”t anybody around and we sorta had the playground to ourselves. Haha. It was pretty good to get back in touch with our ‘inner-childish-self’. The rest of the past few days have been very dull, another series of sleepless nights.

However, there was this incident on Thursday night in Medan Selera, Putrajaya. Was with my roommate and we sorta had a late dinner, not too late, almost 10 I think. We had already ordered our drinks, was busily sipping away my lye chee kang or however you spell it, waiting for our meals, when I caught this bunch of freaks who were sitting a few tables away. One of ’em was holding up a handphone and I realized that it was one those handphones where you could take pictures with. He was holding it up, aiming it at me, I did look back to see if there was anyone else around, but there wasn’t, and it couldn’t be my roommate either coz she was sitting opposite of me. I don’t know if the dude managed to snap a pic of me, coz at one point, I was pretty blank and staring at something near the dude’s direction, so I guess that gave him a pretty good view. Once I got back to my senses, I quickly turned away and never looked back in the fella”s direction, knowing my paranoid-self. Freaks like those just give me the chills man. I gotta get myself a bodyguard.

Now I’m home. VERY glad to be, at least I won’t have to see campus or educational related books for another good 3 weeks. I’ve had friends inviting me to celebrate Merdeka with ’em, I just don’t know yet. Crowds just give me a headache. I’m prolly turning old now. Boring, old naz. But I’m considering, I just might. Oh and hey, my dad’s participating in the merdeka parade, so if any of you happen to be there or watching it on TV, look out for a guy with a maroon jacket who looks very much like me… that’d be my daddy. =)


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