A Day Worth Remembering…

Merdeka!! Merdeka!! Merdeka!!

Merdeka this year has been quite a celebration it seems. I ended up not celebrating Merdeka Eve although I was invited by a couple of friends to hang out that night. I’m glad I didn’t though coz it rained and a friend even got stuck in traffic for over 3 hours! Some merdeka huh? Instead, I caught the whole celebration on TV in 3 different venues, KLCC, Merdeka Square and Sepang. I was more eager in the KLCC and Merdeka one as Sepang was boasting a MALAY rock concert that didn’t appeal to me at all. The only thing worth of watch is the fireworks, spectacular and indeed breathtaking… What can I say, I’m turning old, crowds such as those don’t excite me much anymore, and all it brings me are just headaches and erm… paranoia. Pickpockets!! Hey, they’re everywhere man!! You wouldn’t know… And all those friggin remps…

Last night, I went out for a going-away drink with a couple of friends. Amera and Fack picked me up a lil after 1am(my dad wasn’t happy bout this one either, but hey, this is exceptional) and we went off to Uptown(haven’t been there for more than a year, can you believe it!!??) to find the place totally jam packed! Met up with Sarah and Joe later on. We were a pretty noisy lot. Laughed too much or talked too much about the silliest, even disgusting things. At one point, everyone just went quiet coz we were all probably too exhausted from laughing. Joe is whacked although this is my first encounter with him. Despite the fact that I’ve known Fack for ages, the only times I see him would be when Amera’s back. Otherwise, he’d be wayyyyy down south in Segamat. We were classmates in 5th and 6th Grade but only got close to him during 6th. Fack, a couple of others and I were a loud bunch. There was this one time, I laughed extra loud in class and our class teacher actually asked, “Isy, siapa yang gelak tuh??” Without skipping a beat, Munirah-yang-busuk-hati replied, “Nazihah cikgu!!” I think Pn. Aishah had this really astonished face probably from disbelief. Well, not long after that, I was thrown off to another table far from them. It didn’t exactly end there… but then that’d be a different story.

Fate had it that I became close to Fack’s girlfriend(not his gf then) in high school. They later met at some tuition center and have been together ever since. There’s more to it, but I don’t think they’d wanna have it publicized, hehe. Fack’s sarcasm, Amera’s determination, they can be really hilarious people, a couple I’ll treasure for life. Anyway back to last night, we left Uptown at about 3+, bid our farewells to Sarah and Joe and surprisingly people were still coming in and I was thinking, “Where the hell are all these people from, just go home and sleep man!” The place was still packed when we left.

We did the craziest thing after that. Both of ’em wanted to snap pictures. What happened was, we first stopped in front of Villa Flora, a condo here in TTDI situated in front of the police station. Why we stopped there? Coz the lightings there provided enough light for picture-taking. We had already gone out, ready with cams until we noticed that the condo guard had a skeptical look on his face and the police standing opposite the street was looking in our direction (it WAS rather dark, so we couldn’t exactly see his expression). So we drove further up and parked right next to this bus stop. Haha. Snapped a couple of pictures but our intentions halted a few times whenever a car passed by. Fack actually said, “Macam buat kerja jahat lak!!” He was right, it did seem like we were. Just after capturing a final picture of them both, a police car passed by and so we quickly climbed in the car. How crazy is that? I mean, who takes pictures at bus stops at nearly 4am? Okay Sarah, I’m now officially in your list of psychotic friends… thank you very much. They sent me home right after, wished Amera the best of luck(her flight was at 6.30am) in her pursue as a 1st year medical student in Gadjahmada. I slept that night with an indescribable content feeling, not because she was leaving but because I haven’t felt as happy as I did that night in a very long time… I thank you for making my day.

There are two things to aim at in life: first, to get what you want; and after that, to enjoy it. Only the wisest of mankind achieve the second. –Logan Pearsall Smith, Afterthoughts, 1931


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