A Week Well Spent

I’ve spent the previous week reading on a lot of novels I’ve been putting on hold. Books I’ve bought and have been meaning to read but haven’t had the time to, due to excessive workload. Aren’t holidays just fun?? Catching up on what you’ve been wanting to do and sleeping without having to worry of being late to class and such. It’s just a great feeling. Lately, I’ve been hooked on Dave Pelzer’s books. Some of you may have heard of him, his books are bestsellers selling like hot cakes! “A Child Called IT”, “The Lost Boy” and “A Man Named Dave”. Yep, 3 books altogether. I think there’s another sequel to it but it’s not selling yet. A sad story about Dave Pelzer himself, who was frequently abused by his mother, but grew up to prove to himself and to others that he too can survive and be successful. I think tears welled up in my eyes quite a number of times upon reading his books. Definitely recommended for reads!

On Friday, I caught up “The Italian Job” with Sarah. If you’re into fast cars and lots of actions, then you’d definitely like this one. I know I did! The following day, I went to watch “The Jungle Book 2” (yes, better believe it) and treated ourselves (my friend and I) to the ‘Couple’s Set’ that TGV was offering while laughing all the way into the theatre. It was sort of a letdown coz the movie only lasted for about an hour and some. But it was cute nonetheless. The theme song was rather contagious though, I kept singing to it after streaming out of the movie.

Now this is a story that sent me in rage… argh! But I just feel like putting down this lil incident that happened on Sunday… That fateful Sunday morning, I brought my aunt and family who were on their way home to Melaka from Ipoh, to OU to do some shopping. They had stayed overnight at my place the previous night, and early on Sunday morn, we were among the first to set foot in OU as to avoid the hassle of looking for parking space and going through crowds. Anyway, we had gone to almost every department there was until we made our last stop at OP’s store. My aunt hadn’t gotten her eldest son anything, and she wanted to get him this shirt. Well, upon trying the outfit, she decided to get her husband’s opinion on it and went to look for him, only to find that he had run off to another store to buy himself a shirt he fancied. So there we were, my cousin in the fitting room and I was outside trying to catch a glimpse of my aunt and uncle. All of a sudden, the sales boy came up to me and gently said, “Kak, kak! Anak kakak panggil.” And I had this shocked look pasted across my face as I repeated, “HAH!!?? Anak saya!!??” And I was cursing under my breath for I was so pissed that he actually thought I was the mother of a HUGE 10 year-old kid who weighs 65kg when the mom was right there with me just before she went to look for my uncle!! Arrrrgh, bengangnya! Geramm gile! And Sarah had the laugh of her life when I told her this. Previously, people have had perceptions of me as a working woman, okay that I can accept, married, yes yes still acceptable, but married with a KID!??? Argh, I feel like throwing something at someone or punching that sales dude in the face. Just what was he thinking!? Okay naz, breathe in… breathe out… you’re still young, chill chill.

Yesterday, I was just lying down in bed when I just sat up abruptly and reached for this box I keep just for letters. During my schooling years, I had written and received countless number of letters, postcards and cards to which I treasure and cherish every single one of them. The last time I had gone through the stack was probably more than a year ago… I read some and I just smiled knowing that those letters were a part of me that can never be erased unlike emails. I treasure friendship so much, although some of the ones that I used to write to have walked out of my life, not because they wanted to but times have changed for everyone and I guess people have their own paths to follow and dreams to achieve. I don’t blame them but I do cherish what once was.

Don’t pray when it rains if you don’t pray when the sun shines. –Satchel Paige, 1974


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