Enjoying Myself…

Last Friday, I checked out the Motorshow held in PWTC. I drove there and brought my 11 year-old bro along. I later met up with Sarah and Joe. Anyway, I had free tickets (yes Zuren, again!!!), 5 of ’em in fact but I gave 2 away to my OTHER bro, leaving me with 3 and since kids were free of admission I decided to invite along those 2. I didn’t know at first that there was actually a student’s price going at 5 bucks. But yea, I still save up. We had a rad time, the place was packed like hell… but the cars and everything was fab! Lotsa guys to check out too… haha! Isn’t it shitty to drool over some car you fancy but knowing that you can never have it(at least for now)? I did specifically kept an eye out for my lil toy car, of course that’d be the New Beetle but it wasn’t on exhibition so I had to settle for Porsche. Hahah. I think we took about more than 2 hours just touring through all the halls exhibited with fancy-fancy cars. You can even fall in love with a car just by looking at its engine. And we’re not even talking bout V-tec no more but E-tec! In case you don’t know what it’s all about, E-tec engines are designed to reduce the consumption of fuel in cars. Mercedes Benz was even boasting their top of the line model with a 6.7 engine; just imagine how fast the car can run and how enormous the fuel tank could get. It was a satisfying experience though but the crowd was a turn off. I even ran into a schoolmate and recognized a few people from campus.

Munirah called me on Saturday and asked if I wanted to join her watch the Jit Murad show. She had informed me earlier and I said I didn’t mind going at all. Haven’t been to Actor’s Studio Bangsar in quite a while and since the Canny Ong incident, I haven’t even thought of going there. But considering that her elder bro was willing to escort us all the way, why not, right? We got in for 17 bucks, student’s rate of course and since it was a full house, quite a number of us had to sit on the stairs. Really, it’s not as bad as you think; in fact I think we had a better view of everything. Harith Iskandar voluntarily did the intro to the show, a very fine stand-up comedian nonetheless next to Jit Murad himself.

He then presented the ever so famous Jit Murad. The first thing he said as he walked up the front stage was, “Does my penis look larger in these pants?” He was wearing a pair of linen suit that day but very casual looking. That sent the first roar of laughter from the audience in the studio. He said that he was told not to mention any names concerning the living or dead. And since he had so many issues with politicians, knocking them down with his criticisms and causing a series of non-stop laughing, he changed the names but still obvious enough. Example, Sabaruddin ChiP, Radifah AzizI, Dr N. and so on. There was this one segment where he was slamming the Americans, Bush in particular and he said and I quote, “I bet every morning, when his wife wakes up, all she sees is BUSH!!(while waving his arms projecting a bush-like picture).”The dude’s a bit retarded and extremely perverted in my opinion but his ability to talk without even a pause is truly admirable. Jit Murad can sure talk!! The audience laughed all the way!! He even introduced himself as an actor cum wanker adding that the two had a nice sync to it. Those who aren’t as open would go, “What the heck!?” But best of all was we had a really good audience. I don’t think the KL Actors Studio’s audience is as cool as the Bangsars’. Some of the things he said might even be offensive but theatre lovers know better than that. It’s watching and enjoying the show without taking any of it to heart.

Bon voyage to Azreen who’s returning to Manipal, India!!

Humor is a reminder that no matter how high the throne one sits on, one sits on one’s bottom. –Taki


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