Of Sickness and Catastrophies

Been neglecting this lil space of my life for quite a while, sorry for those who frequent it. I’ve been extremely preoccupied. Short sems suck big time, so many things to do but so little time. Going haywire…

Anyways, here’s a brief update on what’s been up lately, since I last updated that is. A few days before the beginning of my new trimester, a tragedy had befallen upon my youngest 6 year-old bro. He was waiting for my other brothers outside the school compound(he goes to a different religion school) when he suddenly fell in a drain upon hearing the loud school bell ringing, or so he claims. The thought of anyone falling in a drain would strike me or anyone for that matter as funny but the outcome of this one isn’t as funny as it sounds, gruesome in fact, especially since this is not the 1st bro that’s had a lil drain-kissing. Back to the story, my bro came home with blood smeared all over his white baju melayu and more gushing out of his mouth. My mom and I who were in the kitchen, busy preparing dinner for our breaking of fast were of course shocked to see blood all over him. Blood scares me, no kidding, one of the reasons why I’d never pass for a doc. We rushed him to a nearby clinic to which the doc surrendered and said that she couldn’t handle the case as it was much too serious and therefore referred us to Damansara Specialist Hospital. There, my bro was x-rayed. I couldn’t believe that such a distinguished private hospital didn’t have any dental surgeons on shift! With no choice, we had to move on to Pantai Medical Centre.

By then, my mom and I had lost our appetites. We just couldn’t eat. My dad joined us there from work. My parents brought him in while I waited outside with my neighbour and believe it or not, their x-ray machine was broken. What the heck, what if there was a more serious case than losing 3 tooths at one go!!!? I found it really ridiculous. I thought private hospitals were far more efficient. I went home after that coz I had brought a neighbour along. I’m glad I had company while driving home, at least he was talking to me and stuff. Meanwhile, my parents brought my bro to Universiti Hospital where he finally received the treatment he deserved. My aunt who’s a doctor came all the way from Setiawangsa to supervise. My bro had lost 3 of his front tooths in one blow and his gum had to go through a few stitches. Half his face bloated up the next day and my heart just went all out for him. He’s doing better now though. It’s not as horrifying as it was.

A few weeks ago, I drove my mom and aunt to Seremban to attend this funeral since both my dad and uncle were busy with work and couldn’t make it. I really don’t recall who the deceased was, considering that she and my mom were only second cousins. But nevertheless, we were there and I did recognize quite a number of faces. But this one incident sent me baffled and shocked and I don’t know… I just can’t describe what I felt. As we were leaving, of course it’s naturally a custom that we give our condolences to the family of the deceased and bersalam-salaman with the others(‘shaking hands’ just doesn’t sound right) when all of a sudden, this lady of whom I don’t even have a vague memory of was hugging me and crying like no tomorrow. I was very much astounded by her reaction which was after I pointed out to my mom when she asked who I was. I really felt bad. I’m so ignorant, damnit. I mean there were so many of these old ladies who had a hard time believing how grown up the-daughter-of-Saudah had gotten to be. Well I was beaming at one point until one of ’em asked, “Kerja kat mana sekarang?” Huwarrrrghhhh!!!!!

I left the procession along with my mom and aunt where we proceeded to my uncle’s place to visit my cousin’s daughter who has cancer. Khadijah’s only 2, mind you. She had lost hair from chemo and she looked so frail and fragile. She looked so different from when she was healthy, she had gone darker, her cheeks deepened and her body was so skinny. It’s sad to see a lil kid who’s barely even 3, suffer from such malady. We left not long after, kissed the lil one goodbye and sped home.

I’ve gone through a tough time these past few weeks, sorry for not being much of a conversationalist people, I’m sort of in my own world right now. Sorting things out and getting myself back on track again. Things that are private enough that don’t need mentioning here. Need time for myself. How I wish emotions come in cans.

There are things that we don’t want to happen but have to accept, things we don’t want to know but have to learn, and people we can’t live without but have to let go. –Author Unknown


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