Take Time to Ponder…

As most of you know, today marks 15 Syaaban, or more commonly known as Nisfu Syaaban. I had class as usual on Friday and rushed home(sped home is more like it ’cause I didn’t want to get caught in the traffic especially since the OIC congregation was to be held the next day, today in fact) for the breaking of fast with my mom. My dad and lil brothers had gone to the mosque that night. Although my mom and I had wanted to go, we proceeded with our own lil jemaah and nisfu syaaban prayers. It is said that on this meritorous month during the night between 14th and 15th Syaaban known as Laylatul-Bara’ah (the night of freedom from fire), Allah opens up the sky and elevates every single deed of His slaves. Therefore all our prayers will insyaAllah be granted upon the Almighty’s will. Amin.

I drove back to campus earlier today. My mom cooked me a lil something for me to bring back and share with a couple of friends who were fasting as well. Nevertheless, even those who didn’t joined in. It’s always much fun to have dishes spread in front of you and have it devoured by many. Totally different from the usual a la carte we’re so used to having when dining out with friends. It’s like everyone’s reaching for everything at the same time and before you know it, everything just goes squeaky clean! The appetite just isn’t as great as when you’re eating alone.

Anugerah Era 2003 was screened earlier, boasting a parade of celebrities all dressed up in the 70’s. Siti Sarah and her afro was I think by far the most realistic hairdo among all. And the awards that were given out held a very astonishing result. Ning Baizura and Ziana Zain had managed to win over titles in which Siti Nurhaliza was nominated in(she had already won 2 anyway). So I guess it’s pretty good that voters are starting to broaden their horizons and accepting other very good singing talents other than Siti, not that I have anything against her. This year’s grand finale emerged with a collaboration of veteran artistes in well-known oldies. Some of which had been sung back by current artistes. It was all good. But I’ve always liked the first one better I guess…

Sayyidatina Aishah r.a reported that Prophet Muhammad s.a.w to have said,
“This is the night of Syaaban. Allah frees a large number of people from Fire, more than the number of the hair growing on the sheep of the tribe, Kalb. But He does not even look at a person who associates partners with Allah, or at a person who nourishes malice in his heart (against someone), or at a person who cuts off the ties of kinship, or at a man who leaves his clothes extending beyond his ankles (as a sign of pride), or at a person who disobeys his parents, or at a person who has a habit of drinking wine.”


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