Another Ramadhan…

I know it’s been ages since I last blogged but I’ve been very preoccupied with work. Too many things have happened during the past 3 weeks or so. First of all, thank you very much for all the Ramadhan wishes, hope all of you have a good and blessed Ramadhan too. It’s hard to believe that another Ramadhan has emerged. It sure doesn’t feel long since our last one but the only thing I can think of upon its return is my gratefulness for being able to live and savour life thus being able to conduct the 3rd pillar of Islam.

What I miss most about celebrating Ramadhan here on campus is feasting on the wide array of food with my bros back home. There’s nothing like celebrating the breaking of fast with your family and performing tarawikh prayers at the mosque in your neighbourhood. Well at least I get to do that every weekend unlike SOME unfortunate people who can only wish so… hehe. And every Ramadhan, my mind will automatically drift back to about 8 years ago… back to when I was 11. My grandfather died during this holy month while walking his way to the mosque to perform his Friday prayers. And it so happened that Nuzul Quran fell on that same day. It was a shock to many but he died in such a way that it’d make you selfish for making him stay… from Allah we come and to Him will we return.

A few weeks ago, I attended my youngest bro’s ‘Convocation’. Yes, yes, the bro with the drain tragedy. And yes, kindergartens call it convocation too! Makes you university/college people feel like losers huh? Hehe. Well if you haven’t seen lil kids dancing and singing to zapin or inang, boy you really should! Truly a sight. Have hardly missed any of my bro’s concerts, it was held on Sunday and even though I had a test the next day but I really felt obliged to go. Just as all the other concerts I attended, this one didn’t fail to send laughter across the hall. In fact, some actually had to remain standing, lack of seats. Proves to show that kids these days have very supportive parents AND grandparents. And God know, aunts and uncles as well.

Reverting to my childhood, my parents attended practically all my karate tournaments. They saw me walking away with a mere silver medal and they too saw me grinning triumphantly as I lowered my head to receive the ever sought after gold. I still remember my rival, Annie Kalala. A petite Nigerian but dang she’s strong! Even my mom remembers her name to this very day. Another embarrassing one to admit, my dad videotaped all my gymnastic shows. Well that was after I quit karate because I was the only girl around. Hey when you’re 9 all that matters!! So lesson here is, when you have kids of your own, do show your support and attend to whatever there is to attend that concerns them. It means a lot. It might not affect you as a kid but later on in life, when you start comparing yourself with others, you’ll then realize how lucky you are to be blessed with good concerned parents. I know I very much am.

I’m fond of comparing myself with my lil bros to my parents, jokingly that is… like, “How come they get to wear Guess and Oshkosh when I only got Kiki Lala and Villa?” Haha, know what I’m saying? It’s a joke really. And my mom would usually retort, “Ey! Pakai Kiki Lala dengan Kiko zaman dulu tuh pun dah cukup baik tau!” Hehe, not that I care anyway. I mean, what do you know about branded products when you were a kid? Oh but kids these days are very much aware of that. I have this 8 year-old cousin who actually pulled the tag out from a dress of another cousin the same age and asked, “Eh baju awak brand apa?” Can you believe that!? Modern kids… *shakes head*. Another lesson, don’t spoil your kids. Well just a lil bit is okay… but not too much. They’ll turn out to be people with intolerable behaviour and personality.

Guess this entry is long enough, I’ll resume another day. And Happy Ramadhan again people! =)

Sabda Rasulullah s.a.w. dalam hadith riwayat At-Tarmidzi:
“Pada malam pertama bulan Ramadhan, akan dibelenggu segala syaitan, ditutup segala pintu neraka dan dibuka segala pintu syurga. Kemudian datanglah seruan: Wahai orang yang menginginkan kebaikan, datanglah. Wahai orang yang mengingini kejahatan, berhentilah. Dan pada setiap malam Allah membebaskan segolongan hambanya dari api neraka.”


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