Almost Halfway Through…

We are already 10 days into Ramadhan… meaning another 19 or so before celebrating Eid. I don’t really feel like I’m fasting, what with classes and all. Mind you, I even got classes that end at 7. So yea, imagine the rush from class to my block just for iftar. But it’s all okay, I’ve got friends who help me buy dinner and I later iftar with them. Like yesterday, upon returning to campus I brought an Iraqian feast from home and shared it with a couple of friends. It was splendid! Why Tuesday you ask? I had developed major rashes all over my body on Sunday night and had just recovered Tuesday morning. My bro had developed it the night before that but the cause of it still baffles me till now. I’m not allergic to any food as far as I’m concerned so it might be contaminated water since my bro and I share the same bathroom. Well it was a bad experience, really. Imagine yourself scratching all over and later looking like some Chinese ghost due to all the Calamine lotion. Well that was me for 2 days. Urrgh!

Back to iftar-ing, there was this one unlucky day for me however, coincidently most of my friends were out celebrating the breaking of fast with their significant others and I was left alone with another friend. So there we were, my friend and I, me looking at her and she looking at me while we devoured our food and somehow later found ourselves lost in self-pity. And to top it off, that same night, the top floor of my wing went pitched black at about 9pm till the next morning. Talk about wallowing into self-pity! It’s really funny when you think of it again… but it really wasn’t when it happened. Oh well… I guess it just wasn’t my day.

Finals is drawing near… on the 17th to be precise and that means I’ll have to start pulling an all-nighters on a daily basis soon. And again, I have the worst exam schedule ever, compared to everyone else that is. 3 papers in 2 days!! Then I’m done and ready for last-minute Eid preparations. Maybe my mom, bros and I will take a headstart off to hometown. It’s Melaka for those who don’t know, which means I’ll be driving… again. Wanna help with ketupat-making and what not as well as savour a few days of fasting at my kampungs(both my parents are from Melaka) before the real thing. So I hope all this will turn out good. I just hope I don’t sink in to depression with finals like last sem. Shower me with your support my dear friends!!

Guess this’ll be it this time, I don’t know when I’ll blog again. Hopefully another one before my exams. Until then…

Sabda Rasulullah s.a.w:
“Bulan Ramadhan ke bulan Ramadhan, dan hari Jumaat ke hari Jumaat dan satu sembahyang ke sembahyang yang lain menjadi penebus dosa diantara keduanya, selama dijauhi segala dosa besar.”


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