Eid Mubarak 2003…

Funny how time flies by so fast. Without me really realizing, it’s been more than a month since my last entry. Not that I’ve been meaning to neglect this lil humble abode of mine but ever since the exams and raya and weddings and the havoc of it all, guess it didn’t leave me much time to scribble much here.

I fell sick after exams and within less than a week, my two brothers and I had already departed off to hometown with my parents and 2 younger brothers lagging a few hours behind. Miraculously, no traffic jam like last year. It was a big relief, since it provided me the chance to test my driving skills or rather… speed. I think I was running at about 140km/h seventy-five percent of the whole journey. Yea I know, it’s insane. Anyway, raya was okay, we had them all, rendang, ketupat, lodeh, sambal kacang, lemang and of course a myriad of buttery and traditional delicacies. Basically you can just imagine how much I stuffed myself thus contributing to my gain of weight. But hey, raya is only once a year and once is the number of time you’ll ever see such food served.

My family and I were over in Melaka for a week but we didn’t do much visiting like we did before since relatives kept coming in. My dad even said to my aunts, “Kita ingat kita muda lagi, tapi bila orang datang rumah nak jumpa kita, ehhhh baru kita sedar diri kita sebenarnya dah tua.” It’s true really, in kampungs we tend to visit the elderly first. Some with whom we only take the opportunity to meet during Syawal and sadly… when they leave this world, we just don’t go visiting their place anymore. It’s a sad truth but that’s reality. The connection with the younger generation isn’t as tight, maybe. But having people visit instead was a nice change for me coz I got to keep myself check with all the great ‘raya dramas’ on air. *grins* Come on, don’t tell me you people don’t. I know some people who keep themselves glued in front of the idiot box those first few days of raya! Ahaaa! I see smiles thereeee!! :p
One of the reason why our raya was extended to over a week was because of a wedding. And still more weddings coming. I’ve got 2 cousins tying the knot this month around. One just got married and another one this weekend. Which brings to this question brought up by my aunt I call Mak Itam,

“You dah ada boyfriend?”
“Eh mana ada Mak Itam.”
She then vehemently encouraged me to search for one.“Carilaa, zaman universiti ni laa nak cari boyfriend, nanti dah kerja susah! Anak Mak Itam pun Mak Itam galakkan carik bf/gf masa tengah belajar.” She added that she’s now furious at her youngest son in high school who seems to be playing lovey-dovey. I could only smile to her words…

I’m now safe and sound at home, enjoying endless hours of laughter playing silly games with my lil cookies before I return to campus next week. Recording our singing then hearing and laughing over it, playing ‘Old Maid’ and a bunch of other nonsensical games. Can’t believe 3 weeks of holidays have almost come and gone. But raya is still not yet over people, so there’s still time to collect ‘angpows’!!

I’m sorry I didn’t have the chance to send anyone raya cards like I used to. I was really busy and I only had time to send SMS-es. I received tons of raya SMS-es, practically flooding my inbox… thank you very very much. Your thoughts are very much appreciated. But in case I’ve missed anyone, hereby I’d like to take this golden opportunity(although a lil late)to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri & Maaf Zahir Batin. Hope this Syawal will take friendships to greater lengths. Wishing everyone a very blessed Syawal!!


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