Of Growing Up and Adapting to Changes…

Another one of my dearest cousins got married last weekend. Although I now see my cousin as a young, married woman, it often drifts me back to a time where she and I were playmates along with a whole bunch of other cousins during our constant returns to our hometown, Melaka. I would always remember her as the girl who carried me along as she went riding along the meandering paths of my kampung on her bike. Once, she made me fall off and got me bruised. I was so mad at her that I went crying to my mom and vowed never to ride with her again. I stayed true to my words, I never did. Instead I got rides from her younger sister. I emancipated to something more fun later, motorcycle rides! I enjoyed the wind brushing against my face as I sat in that lil basket with my cousin cruising along rubber plantations after palm oil plantations, green meadows with cows grazing across the field and trips to lil sundry shops to buy ice-creams and unhealthy chips.

Now all my cousins have grown up. The time my family and I had been away had made the changes even more drastic. Some had gotten married, some have just gotten quiet and not as fun to be with as when we were kids while some just cannot seem to stop talking! But I guess it’s a reality of life, people grow up, people change either for better or for worse and we can’t dwell on the past hoping they would be what they once were. I have so far lived to see so many changes… in situations, in people and myself. And without doubt, the most prominent one would be the latter.

Sometimes, when I see kids these days, I pity them. Their lives are so confined to many things. They are prisoners in their own homes. They play ball in their pathetic compound and they cycle in circles. They have extremely paranoid parents who are constantly on guard of every single thing they do. Parents who seek and hope too much in their children, setting high standards and pressuring their sons and daughters to achieve what they once dreamed of becoming. And heck, sending children for tuitions at the tender age of 6 and 7? What utter nonsense!

When I compare myself with kids these days, I feel blessed in a sense that I had more freedom than what kids nowadays have. The freedom of just being a child. On the brighter side, new age kids have it more; they’re most probably smarter and are lavished with all sorts of gadgets and opportunities I never dreamt of. The doors of knowledge have opened much wider and everyone, no matter what age, size or gender are competing against everyone. It’s not about equality anymore, but situations have changed here and the award goes to who gets there first and who does it best.

Do not feel totally, irrevocably responsible for everything. That is my job.
Love God.

–Taken from the Great Quotations Series, When STRESS is Eating at YOU, Just BITE BACK!


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