To a New Beginning!!!

Lo’ and behold!! Whaddaya think of the new me!!?? Sarah(hehe!) kept on saying how dull and gloomy my previous layout was. So here I am, with a brand new one. A much brighter one with a simple cooling effect, to me at least. I especially like the angel perched on top. Check out the Petronas Twin Towers and the KL Tower silhouette! Not bad ey? And who do I owe all this this to? Mr. Saiful Ameen. The man behind my blog transition. My highest gratitude goes to him for his willingness to spend time on this in which he claimed didn’t take long at all. Riiiightt? You whiz!

The whole new transition and layout bit was actually planned. In conjuction with my blog’s one year anniversary. So I thought a change might do me good. I got pretty sick with the last one. It sort of projected a gothic side of me which I didn’t really want people to misunderstand. I was talking to Ameen about it the other day and miraculously, he had volunteered to spring me a new layout. Wonderful ain’t it? 2004 is really starting off well for me…

During my early blogging days, my blog was specifically meant for my eyes only and a few close friends. It took me months before I was finally ready to let it out for the virtual world to see. I took up bloggin coz of my passion for writing and I figured blogging as a more fun and interactive way of keeping a journal. People comment on what you write, people who are sometimes only acquainted with you virtually… they lift up your spirits when you’re down and give you their sincere ideas and thoughts when you need one through their posts… and that’s what gets you going. People don’t realize that to some, simple gestures like that means a lot. A deep heartful thank you to all those I’m connected virtually to. Friends included. Not forgetting my silent stalkers…

I started keeping a journal at the tender age of 10. My teacher had each given us diaries and made us write everyday, if possible. Up till the end, I was the only active writer and Mrs. Saadat would personally read my entries now and then. I still have it to this very day. She would always put sweet comments and I really enjoyed the attention I was getting. And I wrote more… and thus I fell in love with writing. I love putting my thoughts into words. I wasn’t very eloquent back in primary but it was good that I wrote. It showed that I could be creative when I wanted to and that I had ideas. All that changed in high school, I talked more than I wrote(haha!). Especially with me and my poem recitings and elocution competitions. High school gave me a chance to prove what I was capable of doing. It boosted my confidence to a higher state. I am until now grateful of that privilege.

Anyway, this entry isn’t supposed to be too long. Just a great big welcome to my readers. I hope I continue to get the support I need from you people. To a new and exciting beginning!!

Credits to Ameen for his creativity and help. Really, since I’m such a sucker at this. And Picha! You’re lucky number one to be the 1st to preview this. Don’t think I don’t know yah! *winks*


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