College for Some…

I was chatting with a close friend on MSN yesterday. This friend of mine had recently changed courses and had gotten herself enrolled into the same college as my younger brother. They had somehow managed to register for a class together and she was telling me how my brother was constantly keeping her entertained. Of course, that aroused my curiosity although it’s very well-known how much of a clown my brother is. And she told me the story…

It was their first class of that subject that day and everyone was each given 5 similar questions. It was sort of an ice-breaking thingy but in a much cooler way, not the usual straight to the point, “Hi, my name is so and so, I live in so and so and yada yada yada…” I can’t exactly recall all the questions but I’ll state 2. One of them was, find someone who is the eldest in the family. But the last one was what really caught my attention. Find someone who is wearing a white/blue underwear. So they had to go around asking people in class whether any of the questions were relevant to them so their task could be fulfilled. However, one of the rule is, you can only list down a person’s name once. So my friend here had gone around and had gotten her lil questionaire filled until she reached the last question. She nudged my bro and asked, “Dude, can I just write your name for the underwear thingy?” My bro, not reluctant at all had said, “Yea sure.”

By then, word had gotten around class about who had corresponded to which question. So the hassle of making your way up to people and asking them individually had lessen. Eventually, they had had to introduce themselves. The lecturer had called on to a girl in class and had beckoned her to do so. He later asked who’s name she had written down for the last question. She pointed to my brother and said, “The guy at the corner,” and she had to go up to my brother and confirm whether he was wearing a blue or white underwear.

When my brother’s turn came to introduce himself, he had announced without even skipping a beat, “I’m Izzat, I stay in Taman Tun and I’m wearing blue underwear and I don’t care.” Haha. Of course, not only did he receive rounds of applauses but he cracked up everyone in class. It is soo my brother to come up with something like that.

Anyways, to those of you who have yet to check out the movie Paycheck starring Ben Affleck and Uma Thurman, please do. Highly recommended. I just checked it out today and the movie is simply awsome. Very interesting usage of technology inventions and also way way wayyy more logical than what The Matrix had come up with. Have a great weekend people!

Drama is life with the dull bits cut out. –Alfred Hitchcock


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