Of Local Students and… V-Day

At times in class, when I’m staring at the white screen ahead of me and the lecture is yakking about God-knows-what, my mind tends to wander off a lot. It meanders off to places where I’m not supposed to be at, thinking things I’m not supposed to think(nothing sexual, mind some of you sick people). For instance, “Why the hell did I ever take up engineering in the first place?” , “Why am I here?” , “Why am I wrecking my brains pulling out endless formulas that I can hardly formulate?”. It gets worse when I go all the way to its roots. Like, “Who was it that was crazy enough to invent all these math formulas and making my life a living hell?”. Get what I’m saying? Questions I don’t need answers for. Things I just wonder about but don’t really care for their answers.

Boring old lecturers don’t help either. Some just go on and on, not really caring if you understood what they had just said. Some seem to be talking to themselves while others are just plain weird… like laughing at nothing funny. So you see, it isn’t really a mystery if you see local engineering students walking around like aimless zombies. They have extra homework to do, no thanks to sucky lecturers. Here on campus, you can actually differentiate the engineering and management(business) students. While the ‘physicists’ don’t give much of a hoot about their appearances, the ‘managers’ are the ones seen with the latest trend in town. Yes, it’s that obvious. To say that management students have less workload as compared to engineering students isn’t exactly fair. No matter what faculty you’re in, everyone has tons of workload but what makes it tougher on engineering students is the understanding that is required from them. And that… is where you get the zombies and the Einstein hair. One thing all local students have in common though would be the very exam-oriented basis our country is so into. It’s forever exams, exams and exams. Thus more walking zombies. So if any of you who are studying abroad and happen to be reading this, please be grateful for this one thing we local students are all suffering from.

We are exactly two days away from Valentine’s. I had a long break before my French class the other day and my friend had invited me along to the mall to help get her boyfriend a V-day prezzie. Since I had nothing to do, I gladly followed. We had lunch first and we talked about what she had planned on getting her boyfriend. She really had no idea on what to get but get this, she’s been getting him shirts all this while. So I sarcastically retorted, “Hey, he’s probably half expecting you to get him a shirt this time too!” She’s fickle about choosing and she chose the wrong person to come along. Me! But I had loadsa ideas! A merit for me there. We went to a lot of shops, juggling from wallets to sport items to organizers… until she finally agreed with my idea of getting him perfume. An idea she so vehemently rejected in the first place. I was feeling all good about myself after she got it nicely wrapped and paid for and I had this annoying smug look pasted across my face. It was really intentional but hey it was a good two hours before she finally agreed with my suggestion… so who exactly wouldn’t feel good?

While going from shop to shop, I had come across this great second-hand shop selling great books for an abso-freakin-lutely fantastic bargain! So I’m definitely going there again and get myself the books I had carefully hid somewhere on the shelves. I should really stop buying books since I have quite a few on hold. Haven’t had the time to read but I will catch up on them soon. My Valentine plans you ask? I haven’t got any. I’ll probably go get myself a massage. Talk about making yourself feel good. Or most likely be caught in front of TV accompanied by mommy wallowing ourselves into hopefully worth watching romantic movies. Sad sad, I know. Unless my parents decide to go somewhere, then I’m probably screwed with nowhere to go and nothing to do. Hey, it’s on a Saturday after all!!!

So for those of you who are celebrating, “Happy Valentine’s Day!” and hope this year’s Valentine is a special and memorable day for you and your loved ones. =)

Love – a wildly misunderstood although highly desirable malfunction of the heart which weakens the brain, causes eyes to sparkle, cheeks to glow, blood pressure to rise and the lips to pucker. –Author Unknown


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