The Right Recipe

I know I haven’t blogged in a while. Instead of what was once the usual two or three entries in a week, I’m down to one. Definitely not good. But I’ve been quite busy. With midterm exams clogged up and being in the concert comittee, I haven’t really had much time to spare. And weekends are always a good time to be with your loved ones. Family of course!

Seems like it’s one of those times where people are into relationship cracks. I have no idea why but some of my friends are dealing with that despite the fact that V-day was only about a week ago. Well initially, I thought that V-day for some, was a day to mend everything and get all lovey-dovey(within strict limits of course!) with your other half… until a dear friend broke up on that very significant day. My girlfriend and I were really close all through high school up to this very day, where as the ex was a close friend during primary with whom I still kept in touch with although we attended different high schools. So not only was the breakup hard on them, but I was devastated myself especially since they’re my good friends and knowing the fact that they’ve been together for about 4 years. Not a short period of time at all. Things might get a little awkward between them but I really hope they’d still remain friends in the future.

Last weekend, my chere Ilmi had made a trip to KL and we had the most marvelous day although the only thing we did was aimlessly walking around in One Utama. Everybody knows how huge and immense One Utama has gotten and we had basically toured the whole building. We had lunch, walked a whole lot more and then had a sip at Starbucks. We spent a lotta time there just talking about our lives, people we knew and laughing over the silliest things! It was wonderful and we had managed to get ourselves those really limited plush seats in the corner so you can imagine how comfortable we had gotten… thus prolonging our little chats. When we finally decided to leave, the Starbucks staff was practically singing out “Goodbye!!!” to us. Or did we just imagine that Ilmi? Hehe. On the way to sending her to the PUTRA-LRT, we had discussed about our meek future as uhh… engineers. Ilmi and I had even come up to the conclusion that we’d end up and better off being school teachers instead. We had taken a lot of things into consideration like the school holidays and how it’d be more fun dealing with lil kids than being confined to an air-conditioned room facing a computer where we’d end up dozing off anyway. I had a really good time that day and my jaw was hurting at the end of it all coz I had laughed so much!

Anyway, today calls for a celebration!!! My parents are celebrating their 21st wedding anniversary today! Yaaay!!! Hugs to mak and abah. My dad coincidently or perhaps intentionally celebrates his birthday on this very day too. So it’s very much of a double celebration for him. Gave abah a call this morning and wished him happy birthday. He turns 51 today and when I called mak to wish her, I noticed how her voice had sounded different. Apparently she had fallen sick, down with the fever… of all days. But all the same, “Happy Wedding Anniversary to my beloved parents & Happy Birthday to Abah!”

Sometimes I wonder how a person can stick to another for so long. A friend once said, “There’s a recipe to it Naz, a lot of things make up a relationship, and that’s how it stays strong.” Relating to my parents and how they met, they were not your average couples who started off with getting to know each other, dating and finally settling down. No, it was far from that. Theirs was an arranged one, a sort of marriage you don’t come across very often these days. My dad who was probably too busy building a future and was then working in the States had decided to let my grandma choose his future wife. And that’s how my mom came into the picture. Their only mean of communication was through snail mails. When my dad returned, they had gotten married and later resided in Singapore where my dad was stationed. I was later brought into the world about a year later. It’s weird when I think of how the world revolves. Some people go through being in love for years, get married and finally divorce while some have never even set eyes upon who was once their soon-to-be bride/groom but yet are still going strong as ever. Goes to show that what we plan are merely plans. Bottomline is you can’t deny what has been pre-destined by the Almighty, the ‘Great Man Upstairs’ they say…

“As far as I’m concerned, your mother is the most beautiful woman in the whole world… don’t you think so?”– my dad posing me a silly question on my mom over lunch in Cyberview Lodge, 2003.


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