Movie Review: Timeline

We are already into the 2nd day of the third month in the year 2004. Has any of you gotten any of your new year resolutions fulfilled yet? I know it’s still early in the year but who knows, some of you might have had a headstart in say… quitting smoking? Or losing weight? Tough one. I’m still struggling to fulfill the latter. Heheh.

Last Saturday, I decided to catch a movie with a dear friend. It has been a while and I really needed a good movie to ease my mind on a lot of things. This time, it was ‘Timeline’. Some people may not agree with me but I think the movie was pretty good. The movie is based on a 1999 novel by sci-fi maestro Michael Crichton. Although I myself have never been a big fan of sci-fi, I would say that this exquisitely unique movie turned the tables.

Directed by the man behind “Lethal Weapon”, Richard Donner, the movie embarks with a team of college student archaelogists who excavate a 14th-century fortress in France known as Castlegard under the direction of their professor, Edward Johnston(Billy Connelly). Meanwhile, a time-travel project run by a techno-czar, Robert Doninger(an actor who ironically bears an uncanny resemblance to Bill Gates) funds an archaeology dig at La Roque, France.

While the professor flies off to confront Doninger, his students unearth a sort of chamber that has been sealed for approximately 600 years. In one of the scenes where the earth they had digged upon suddenly tumbles, they find a bifocal lens and a plea for help, handwritten by Johnston, astonishingly dated 1357. Curious, they had gone to Doninger demanding for answers where they later discovered about the teleportation machine, that ‘faxes’ humans through a quantum wormhole. The same machine that had taken Chris’s(Paul Walker) father to the eve of the bloodiest battles of the Hundred Years’ War between the English and the French. Very much determined, the troop of students decided to rescue the professor. Armed with nothing but only clothings from that specific century, they were transported to 1357 with only 6 hours before the ‘magic’ wears out. And so the clock is ticking… or they’ll be trapped in the 14th century forever.

‘Timeline’ the movie as those who have read the book commented did not exactly follow the storyline. The adapted is not as satisfying as the book, or so they say. Donner has somehow managed to fast-forward the whole thing and turned 52 hours down to 6 hours, the mount of time to rescue the professor. But all the same, I found it to be an interesting movie with a unique plot, so if you haven’t read the book or are too lazy to, maybe ‘Timeline’ is a good change. The film who also stars Paul Walker(2 Fast 2 Furious) who if the hush whisperings of young women around me are correct(excluding yours truly) is a “hunk”, then this might just enough lure you to watch it all the same. ;)


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