A Blast!

I haven’t been in a mess as much as I’ve been in the past few weeks or month. With endless tests, writing out sketch scripts, meeting assignment deadlines and being involved in the concert committee, I can’t even pray ‘khusyuk-ly’ if such a word ever existed. So many things are clouding my mind. Sorry to friends who assumed I’ve drawn away from them, I really haven’t. Just a tad bit busier than usual. I even have a final paper that has been fast-forwarded to *gasp*… next week! Plus, with another test held on the very same day! And everyone else doesn’t start until the 29th. Can anyone get any luckier?

Anyway, first things first. The concert last night was unexpectedly a major success although we didn’t start until a little after 9. The performances by the artistes couldn’t be any more superb. Since the event was sponsored by Institusi Usrah(IU) and Persatuan Literasi Melayu(PLM), we had a mixture of both nasyid and soul. Listing out the artistes who performed, they were Yassin, Brothers & Friends(dashing, handsome Friends they were too!), V.E and Ruffedge. To top it off, Waheeda had cameoed during a collaboration performance which really wasn’t called for. Even we organizers hadn’t known of her coming. Managed to get a snap with her(Mr. Wassini, jangan jealous!) and damn did she have a lot of makeup on. Must’ve been at least 3 inches thick or something.

And V.E and Ruffedge were a good lot, very fine entertainers who can go pretty far. Lotsa fanatics who had somehow managed front row seats were screaming, handing out gifts, singing along and snapping away pictures and such. But everything was under control. We had good audience too, so all in all, a lot of things had contributed to its success. The autograph and photo session was held longer than expected, everyone couldn’t stop taking pictures… excluding your truly. Have never been interested in taking autographs and pictures of/with artistes(Waheeda was for the fun of it since she wasn’t included in the session and we had gotten grab of her nowhere near the other artistes so there really wasn’t any shoving around.) Last but not least, congratulations to the Ritma ’04 committee for making the event a huge blast! I’ll see if I can get any pictures up.

“… Do you remember the time when we used to get along, I know that you can’t forget I never did you wrong. And even though I tried to get it to your head. Baby a point was not to tell, there’s nothing I could do… “


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