Dear Naz…

Ever since the emergence of Friendster, I have been keeping in close contact with people I haven’t heard from in years. People from way back in primary, to friends from high school, beloved juniors and I had even reunited with a friend after a long decade of silence. Some people have made new friends who probably share the same interests while some have even found their so-called other half through such network. But as for me, frankly speaking, I’m really not interested in making new online acquaintances especially through that medium. I do filter the people I add, can’t say I don’t… I mean hello! For crying out loud, would you even consider of replying to some lame message that typically goes like, “Hai, boleh berkenalan?” No offence, but it gets to me. Reminds me of the type of guys you come across in the streets who seem to have never laid eyes on females before.

My entry this time is actually something I’d like to share with my fellow bloggers out there. An excerp of a message(through Friendster) I retrieved from a junior of mine. Name disclosed, he had recently graduated from high school with flying colours in SPM(no surprise there!) and I had asked him on what his plans of the future was. His reply amazed me… read on.

“… as for my plans, I’m doing foundation at ****** College, and then doing a twinning program, taking a double major in marketing and psychology(*******a University offers this combination) and minor in sociology. My 2nd and final years will be at M********, (*****r** University). I’m hoping to graduate my psychology with 1st class honours, so that I will be able to straight away do my Ph.D in psychology. Then maybe I’ll think about doing MBAs. By 2011 I will return to Malaysia and start working in my father’s company, learning all I need to learn in order for me to take over.”

Wait… it gets better… singletons out there, prepare to feel like a total loser.

“… After a period of one year, on Saturday, 14th April 2012, I will get married. The wedding reception will be held on the 15th, Sunday, so you are invited.”

And he calls it all a rough sketch of his future plans. I did ask for a rough sketch on what he intended to do but I didn’t expect it to be as precise. Impressive, don’t you think? I mean, how many of us have THAT much planned out? Or had planned that much at 18? I know I have nothing near that. To those of you who have, I congratulate you in advance. Maybe we should all start planning our lives as concise as an 18-year-old is capable of doing. After all, failing to plan is planning to fail.

As for me, well… at least I’m invited to the wedding…

The best reason for having dreams is that in dreams no reasons are necessary. –Ashleigh Brilliant


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