Here or There? What? NO?? Then where???

People who know me, know my issue with directions… or rather how bad my sense of direction is. I’m not exactly blessed with an innate sense of direction. Ask me to choose the right way home, and you can be guaranteed I will choose – not just the wrong way – but quite the opposite way. Yet all the time, I will be 100% convinced I know I’m going the right way. I would sometimes be so sure that ‘this’ specific route is a “short cut” leading to another… and we all know how not true that is – a phrase which should strike fear into the heart of anyone hearing me suggest it. You’d think, by now, that I’d know how unreliable my sense of direction is, yet every single time, I manage to convince myself that this time it will work out. At times, I can set off to a planned destination, get lost along the way(normal) and finally reach where I’m supposed to head, but when it comes to going there again(if it’s not a route I frequently use) I can just get lost at the exact same place all over again.

It’s sad really, I know. Heck, I really don’t know how I’m supposed to overcome it. You people can’t be looking at maps all the time, right? But if you have tips, do let me know. Thank God I’ve come across people who are worse so it doesn’t make me feel as bad. At least I THINK I’m a good driver.. but with a bad sense of direction. Does that make sense? Gah. Just as long as my mom’s still willing to be chauffered by moi, means I’m still tolerable. I’m sure it doesn’t run in the family but my younger brother(who’s just a year younger) seems to be following my lead except that his case is a bit more chronic than mine.

I remember this one incident during 5th form where I was walking to school for house practice alone. I was prolly daydreaming(which I do a lot) when it sudddenly hit me that I had taken the wrong turn and had made myself walk an extra ‘mile’ before finally reaching the school compound. And boy oh boy Sarah, how I wished right then and there you were there to accompany me like always. Having a good sense of direction saves helluva lot of time. I really don’t want to mention my time record, too embarassing, haha. There were cases however, where I did manage to miraculously make my way through without spinning round and round… and you really can’t imagine how good I had felt about myself then and the round of applauses I had gotten. Yeah, guess I’m well-known for that. But on the bright side, it’s a good excuse to be driven, don’t you think? ;)

’cause I’ve got no sense of direction,
I guess I’ve got no sense at all…
– Magnetic Fields: “All The Umbrellas In London”


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