Something To Ponder On…

I was reading no-where-gyal’s blog and I came across the poem she had written. It sort of reminded me of what my dad once said years ago during my schooling days…

He was mad at all of us, my siblings and I. Especially at me(it’s usually hardest on the eldest). Or maybe, I took it harder but all the same, he was angry. My dad was driving and we were all in the backseat, listening attentively like obedient students, not daring to even utter a word. He was raging about how we lacked in self-discipline, how we didn’t help much with house chores especially(I swear I do my bit), our issues with time-management… and every other thing related to it arised. But after a while… his raging stopped and he softened. As he trailed off, he said something that left an impact in me even to this very day.

“… after all charity starts at home. If you can’t do your bit at home, how are you supposed to give charity to others?” and he resumed with “Always remember that what little we have, we give. Rezeki kita Allah yang bagi, tapi bukan semuanya milik kita sebab kita tak tau siapa yang mendoakan kita murah rezeki(what we have comes from the Almighty and it’s not all truly ours because we don’t know who are those that pray for our livelihood…”

I never thought of it that way but he put back some sense into me. Someone out there is praying for your well-being and even if you don’t know who, the least you could do is to offer a kind gesture to anyone in need. Your act will definitely be rewarded by Allah. They say the key to ‘murah rezeki’ is to not be stingy with family and friends, anything involving food as well as taking care of your parents when they reach old age. I used to wonder why my dad even bothered to pay for expenses that he wasn’t even in for but I get the picture now. Giving is definitely rewarding. And I’m definitely grateful for being born in a family blessed with everything good in life if not lavish. I know people who greedily put away their money despite earning thousands, spend little in life because they’re so afraid of using up their money and end up living miserably yet still greedy for money. I’m glad my dad made me realize that at a young age… thanks Abah.

There is even a hadeeth that goes: ‘The Superior hand is better than the Inferior hand (in charity).’ (Superior hand refers to the hand that gives, Inferior hand refers to the hand that receives.)

P/S: Yes, in case you’re wondering, I have gone cuckoo. Pre-exam syndrome.

How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because someday in your life you will have been all of these. –George Washington Carver


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