Happy Birthday Sarah!!!

I’m very much of a loner on weekends these days. Lately my parents have been seeking solace in hometown, with my two lil brothers accompanying them. My other brother is occupied with his school stuff what with his sports and school projects on weekends especially since it’s exam year for him. And my OTHER brother is always out leaving me behind with nothing to do. Yea well, apart from watching T.V I guess and doing house chores. Yesterday, I was making spaghetti in the kitchen when I heard Auntie Malini, my next door neighbour calling for my mom. I called out that my mom wasn’t home and wouldn’t be back until Sunday. She asked if I was gonna be at home in an hours time, and I said yea. She wanted to place her ice-cream in our freezer coz she was defrosting hers. I said sure, no problem. So I opened the back door waiting for her with her ice-cream and she didn’t come until about 5 minutes later. She said sorry coz she had a phone call just when she was about to bring out her lil treat.

We chatted for a while. She was raving about her friend’s daughter(or was it her niece?) who did medicine in Australia under scholarship and came out top in her class. Returned to Malaysia and did her housemanship and again emerged among the best. She then did her masters in neonatal(is that right?) and was appointed counsellor in a hospital in the UK at the age of 34. Auntie Malini was saying that normally, it takes you about 5 to 8 years before finally being able to hold that post but because she was recommended, there she is now with beauty and brains to boot, secured with a good job but not yet married. Her mom’s worried. But anyway, after Auntie Malini went in, I headed to my freezer to put in her ice-cream thinking, “Gee, thanks a lot for making me feel worse than I already am, now I certainly feel like a loser.” Urgh, the agony! Well she called back a lil more than an hour later asking if she could have her ice-cream back. Well of course, I wasn’t gonna eat it anyway! But I did eat 6 scoops of Cookies ‘n Cream ice-cream that night… yea I’m not exactly in the best position right now.

Happy 20th Birthday to Sarah darling! It’s been a decade since our friendship flourished… and still counting. It’s been that long already, from short-lil-Sarah to the now amazing, attractive, tall, lanky Sarah… I hope you have a really good and blessed one! And hey, we’ll celebrate together soon when we’re both done with exams okay? But I just want you to know that I went to TGI Friday’s and celebrated your birthday without you today. Don’t worry coz I even ate for you. Really good stuff. I only have a picture of the Smothered Steak coz I forgot to take a picture of the Bruschetta(wasn’t that good anyway). So cheers darling!!! Am missing you on your birthday…


… and after.

The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age. –Lucille Ball


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