Just A Little Bit More…

Yesterday’s Data Structure paper has got to be the toughest paper I had ever sat for in my entire history of studying here. Felt like crying then and there. Even before the exams, I had been having this tight knot around my throat and I was constantly calling Navina dearest for consolation. We sort of consoled each other I guess since we were both dead worried and one can only take as much. Well, we do that every semester actually but I think it was worse for this paper. But when the real thing came, wham!!! I lost every single twisted info I had in my lil brain… I’m so screwed. One more paper and I’m outta here. I’m coming home mommmeeeeeeeeeee!!!

I was surprised to receive a message from a friend last night. But I knew why… to justify on that specific person’s action recently. To know whether that specific person was forgiven. But I can’t deny how mad I was then. I was so mad my whole body was shaking that I couldn’t even talk. Subhanallah. I had never been extremely mad to anyone else besides family. Of course, you’re forgiven darls… but hey, I doubt I can ever see you in the same shade ever again. I think I’ve posted something related to this before so I’m not gonna make it long. I forgive, I don’t hold grudges but I probably can never bring myself to talk or trust you the same way. I have a problem with having this good perception of people. So yea, when things like this happen, I can only shake my head in disbelief and knock my head several times and ask myself, “Why was I so stupid?”

I can’t wait for the pathetic 3 week holidays. I just can’t. I have a whole load to let off… if only I could take a trip down to the countryside with the sky a deep blue, the sun shining down on me and every type of flower blooming in every colour imaginable as I ride through the lush greenery of a beautiful paysage… does anybody have such place to offer?

On a lighter note, for the uninitiated, I’m moving out next semester to a more spacious and lovely place right near campus. And Azreen, this snapshot is for you since you won’t be able to crash at my place until later in the year. Couldn’t snap much since a few other areas in the house isn’t exactly ‘up and running’ yet. Hehe. So hope this will do and give you a rough idea on how it looks in the exterior and interior.

The row of townhouses…

My living room…


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