Happy Birthday Mummy…

The exams are over and no words could explain how extremely relieved I am. Although the 3 week holidays could never make up for the long months of hard work, I’m just so glad that the final semester of the session has come to an end, marking the finale of my 1st year of studies. And it’s not getting any easier… the tough realization I have to live with.

On Saturday, my family came over and helped me move. Everyone was huffing and puffing while bringing down my heavy load of stuff. Hahhh!! Now only do they know how much I have to put up with… the agony of climbing up the long flight of stairs all the way to the top floor to my room, not just once a day but several times to and fro classes. But somehow during the whole year, I doubt all the stair climbing did any help in shredding any kilos off me, haha. Good thing I brought my men though(my brothers and dad) cause they were a great deal of help, even the little ones. It’s at times like these that I feel ever so grateful for having brothers. *grins* In the moving process, I got meself a nice blue bruise on me arm and a cut that caused blood gushing out from me finger. Fuhhh. Memang sedap!

Today’s my mom’s birthday. We had made an early celebration the night before with my 8 year old brother handing in the birthday card first. Known for his hyper-ness, he acted more elated than my mom cause he was jumping and jumping and squealing with joy as if the celebration was for him. While on the other hand, my 7 year old bro was just… coolness. Next up was the prezzie from all of us handed by my 12 year old bro. My mom was so excited, her eyes were round with excitement and she was profusely thanking us. Finally the yellow cake… a rich fruity Mango Delight with all the candles lit up. Again, my younger brothers were more euphoric. Kids will forever be kids I guess. I know my mom didn’t expect anything as close to what we presented but the look on her face meant the world to us. Although everyone was there except for my dad, he made it up tonight with dinner at San Fran’s. I would put up pictures here but I wouldn’t wanna mouth-water you people. Hehe. It sure was a memorable birthday. I can’t list all the good things about my mom… because it’d be pages long. In one word, she’s done EVERYTHING and she means EVERYTHING to each and everyone of us. Happy 46th Birthday Mummy…

If the whole world were put into one scale, and my mother in the other, the whole world would kick the beam. –Lord Langdale (Henry Bickersteth)


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