What a day!

Yesterday was a rough day. I had slept at 6am the night before and was up in less than an hour when my dad woke me up and told me to help make breakfast and get my lil brothers ready for school. Normally, it’d be my mom doing the job, but recently she wakes up feeling dizzy and can hardly get herself off from bed. Luckily, I’m on holidays for a few weeks. So, red-eyed as I was, I made breakfast and gave each of them their allowance. Yea, I even had to fork money from my own purse coz I didn’t know where my mom keeps their daily allowance. As their school van came to pick my brothers up, my dad came down for his breakfast. He goes off for work a little later than my brothers. I later went upstairs to check on my mom but she wasn’t doing so good but had wanted some bread and a glass of warm water mixed with honey. After bringing her breakfast up I thought I could get some sleep but just as I was about to get an eye shut, one of my brothers called and said he had left his P.E clothes at home. And off goes Naz the driver to send her brother’s P.E attire off to school… lalalala laaaa.

When I came home, I said to myself, “Now I can finally get my share of sleep!” I did but for only about 3 hours. Not long for someone who had only gotten less than an hour of sleep. I woke up to my cousin’s phone call, asking if I could help send her to the garage coz her car’s batteries had just went kapoot. So I did just that. I didn’t mind helping out at all. The irony of it? I never had the chance to get MYSELF any breakfast. Haha. Oh well I’m not complaining(although I sound like I am). Things happen. The downfall of being the only daughter is, when moms aren’t around, everything else falls on your shoulders… especially if you have 4 spoilt brothers and a spoilt dad to go with it. =p The next sleep I got was after dozing off on the couch while watching Crime Night and woke up at about 4am wondering who had switched the TV off. Haha.

By lunchtime my mom had gotten a lot better. Better enough to even go grocery shopping. And boy do I love grocery shopping!!! You know the feeling when you walk to the fridge and you see it all filled up with loads of food? Doesn’t it just gets you excited? I love seeing my fridge all packed just as much as I love food. Haha. We basically had our trolley overflowing with food and what not, trust me if my dad tags along, we don’t just get ONE overflowing trolley but TWO! I’d choose grocery shopping over any kind of shopping anytime!!!

Of course, as far as grocery shopping goes, my plans of heading to the PC Fair that afternoon obviously backfired. I went this morning instead along with my cousin and got myself a new 256MB Thumbdrive. Yaaay!!! I was surveying for PC’s initially and I’ve already set my eyes on a Hewlett Packard PC running a 120GB, 512MB, DVD/CD-RW and the whole shebang. And heck, the place is packed like nobody’s business. We were there even before they opened and people were already crowding the place. Crazy Malaysians. Seems like everyone has turned into technology freaks. Ooh I saw my Standard 4 BM teacher! And also said hi to a senior I knew from when I was in Malacca who’s now working. One thing about being in crowds, you never know who you’ll bump into. Can’t remember the last time I was in such crowd minus malls. But right now, I’m totally pooped out, I have always hated crowds. They drain off my energy somehow. I think I could use a nap. Have a great weekend people! =)

All of the biggest technological inventions created by man – the airplane, the automobile, the computer – says little about his intelligence, but speaks volumes about his laziness. –Mark Kennedy


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