Holiday Routine…

I know it’s been a while. Especially since it’s holidays and I really ought to write more than usual. But yeah, perhaps a vacation also means a lil time off computers. Come new semester and my laptop will probably be on again 24/7. That’s how related us so-called new generation people rely on computers. I’m already into my 2nd week and I have another week left, dreading the thought already. I feel like I wanna do so much but lacking in time. I mean 3 weeks? What exactly can you do in 3 weeks? You can’t even go to a proper kickboxing class(I’ve thought of it, being my paranoid self). People won’t even consider hiring you for work. So what do I do? The original holiday plan was to watch all the movies I could get my eyes on and eat all I want and sleep all day long. But of course, how much can you sleep? There’s even a limit to how much you can eat. Not many good movies airing either. And again, you ask, what the heyyyyy have I been doing?

Lately, my day starts off with jogging in Kiara Park. Not bad huh? Close your mouth, I know some of you are gawking already. Meaning I get up early and that’s a good achievement coz I need to start getting my biological clock right. Last time I checked, it was pretty much haywired. So I’m sleeping early and waking up early, I’m quite proud of myself there. Hehe. Of course when you jog in the morn, you’d see a whole bunch of old people with their taichis and what not in contrast to when you go later in the evening. And if you’re lucky, you might even be able to say hello to a bunch of monkeys. Or… you could scream and curse, like Sarah(heheh, I love you anyway!) but it’s all good. Even met old schoolmates. I prefer mornings that late afternoons. Like yesterday, I went jogging with Fai and Sarah. Fai impressed me with cycling all the way from Taman SEA. He really works out I guess unlike some fat lazybums like me. We don’t exactly jog together, coz everybody just goes off at their own pace(okay okay! I admit, it’s a good enough reason for me to lag behind, haha!) but we catch up, always always during our last round when we’re all just walking and cooling off. That’s when we start talking and catching up with things. Come next week, I’ll have to start jogging alone :( Sad thought.

Relatively, my day of course does not just end there. When I get home, my second agenda would be to pay our neighbourhood market a visit with my mommee, although not everyday. I’m even starting to recognize people from my morning jogging sessions there! Woohoo, good feeling coz at least I’m not the only one who goes off to market in my jogging attire. Yesterday, upon returning from the market, I went off and watched 50 First Dates. Sweet movie I guess, Henry(Adam Sandler) who plays playboy falls in love with Lucy(Drew Barrymore) who suffers from short term memory loss. She forgets every single thing that happens right after the day she met with the accident and she goes on everyday after that fateful day doing the same thing all over again. Forgetting people she meets, celebrating her dad’s birthday everyday for a year. Adam Sandler wins her off by making her fall in love with him with a different gesture everyday. Schweet ain’t it? It’s good if you’re just looking out for a movie to you know… ease your mind off things. To just plain… lay off a bit.

Later in the day, it’d be just a series of picking up or sending my bros or mom off to somehwere. So by the end of the day, I’d just be plain tired to do anything else resulting in me sleeping early. So you know… maybe I could just shred some kilos off. If only I weren’t eating as much. Haha. Urghh, I’m boring aren’t I? Maybe I’ll talk about something ‘nicer’ in my next entry.

If it weren’t for the fact that the TV set and the refrigerator are so far apart, some of us wouldn’t get any exercise at all. –Joey Adams


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