It’s All Over…

It’s been a while hasn’t it? I was sick for a while, am still on meds in fact. And for a bit, I had the sexiest voice with a sprinkle of sengau-ness… which of course spoilt the sexy bit. Haha.

Anyway, the holidays has been marvellous and the end is drawing near. The long weekend was good too. On Saturday, my family and I left home at 11.30am and headed down south to hometown Melaka before finally reaching the town of Alor Gajah at 4 frigging 30pm!!!!!!!!! Imagine the massive traffic we had to go through. It normally takes about an hour and a half but it took us 5 hours instead. Glad as hell I wasn’t driving… it’s always good to be driven ain’t I right? ;)

My fingers are too lazy to type but here are a few pictures I took recently…

The static road.

My cousin whom I bullied to running from one side of the court to another in a game of badminton he had challenged me into. Muahaha. Evil naz.

My cute cousin, Farah Athirah.

Look what I did to my brother. He doesn’t look too content does he? Well, sape suruh main my tudung kan?

He couldn’t contain his laughter.

Forced him into giving me a good pose. Haha.

People tell me that the countryside must always be stupid and backward, and I get angry, as if it were said that only townspeople had immortal souls, and that it was only in the city that the flame of divinity breathed into the first men had an unobscured glow. –George William Russell


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