A Punctured Tyre

Hari ni, tayar kereta saya bocor. I ran over a screw. Luckily for me, it happened on campus. So I recruited some guy friends to help me jack the car and change the tyre. No actually let me rephrase that. I had a guy friend who recruited HIS friends whom I later made friends with. Okay, better. I had me 1 guy friend who got 2 of his other guy friends + 2 other guys who just happened to pass by and wanted to help= 5 muscular guys. Haha. The last 2 didn’t know who the ‘owner’ was, so when one of them asked, “Kat mana tayar boleh pancit nih?”, my friend replied, “Tanyalah tuan punya kereta.” So the guy asked, “Sapa tuan punya kereta?” I sheepishly raised my hand. Terpaksala mengaku. And they laughed at me. Ciss ciss! Sempat promote suruh join Motorsports lagi.

Damn, the day really came. I’ve always been paranoid about being stuck in the middle of nowhere with a flat tyre. Yea I can’t jack a car for shit, let alone change a tyre. I suck, I know. They didn’t teach me to do that when I took my license. And I never took the initiative to learn but the opportunity never really came either. But hey abracadabra, now I do! Haha. The spare tyre had a yellow sticker affixed on it that stated 80km/h. Meaning it’s recommended that I didn’t go beyond that limit and they all kept reminding me, jangan melebihi 80km/j ye kak(sambil menunjuk ke arah sticker kuning). Good thing was, I didn’t get my hands dirty not that I’d mind if it did. But the point here was, all I did was observe. Hehe.

Driving around with that kinda speed is soooo urghh… I dunno. Especially when people start overtaking you. They must’ve muttered under their breaths, “Can’t you go any slower?” Ermm, I do with slow moving cars. It surely ‘helped’ too when my mind just happened to not function and just happened to let me into taking the longer route home. Yes, I had taken the Sg. Besi route rather than the much shorter AND cheaper LDP highway. Call me all you want now, I deserve it all. Huwaaaaarghh!!!


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