Very Much Alive and Kicking!!!

Yes!!! I’m back and running with a Streamyx Internet connection to boot. Those TMnet people are very much efficient. I registered online on Monday and already had meself a connection running the next day. Once I get the wireless router, I’ll be able to go online anywhere in the house within 200 metres of reach, cool ey? At least for now, I’m finally connected to the world… or virtual world for that matter. I just realized how much the Internet plays an important role in my life *sigh*

Other than that, my current pathetic TV only displays tv1 & tv2 plus a very snowy-looking ntv7, so at least the Net serves for a bit of an entertainment. Also, to those of you who laughed at me for not even getting tv3(including my mom), wait till I get Astro installed, then I’ll make you all swallow your own laughter. Haha! I suddenly feel good all over… :p

For the uninitiated, I’m currently living off campus, so that’s what the whole chaos is all about. Glad I have a proper kitchen and the likes so I can finally get some cooking done rather than taking-out food like I used to. Good quality food, I mean. Not instant Maggi noodles okay? Can’t remember the last time I had that though. So we’re taking turns to cook and we just gobble up whatever the other prepares… which is really not bad at all you know. Perhaps delicious too I might say… haha.

So yea, I’m finally back, those who’ve missed me can stop doing so coz I’m back to haunt and stalk you =)

The real danger is not that computers will begin to think like men, but that men will begin to think like computers. –Sydney J. Harris


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