Gone Cuckoo… Yet Again.

Today I had successfully managed to embarass myself in front of a friend. We had both just finished tutorial and since she didn’t bring her car along earlier this afternoon, I offered her a ride home. I unlocked my car as I neared it and once I heard the two *blip blip*… indicating my car is now officially unlocked, I proceeded to of course… open the door to the driver’s seat while my friend on the passenger’s. To my horror, I let out a sudden yelp, “Ehh, ni bukan kereta I lah!!”(Hey, this isn’t my car!!). The funny thing was, the door actually opened! And relatively, my car, similar to that car minus the stuff hanging from the rearview mirror, was the one parked beside it. Haniz laughed like hell. It WAS scorching hot and I couldn’t see the lights blinking to my car when I unlocked it… thus what-I-just-told-you. Man… this better be the last.

It’s not the first time I’ve endured such experience actually. Third or fourth time I think. Earlier this year I had inserted my key in someone else’s bonnet as an attempt to open it thinking it was my car and had the nerve to panic and be pissed to why the damn thing wouldn’t open. Luckily, I peered through the interior and realized it wasn’t mine. Of course, like what happened today, my car was right next to it. It wasn’t AS embarassing coz I did scan through the parking lot to check if anyone had seen what had just happened. Thank God I was alone… and thank God the car owner wasn’t around either. Or else I would’ve just died right there. Haha.

Ooh well… by the way check this out!

Hooyea!! That’s what I have beside my driving seat these days. If you’re thinking of messing with me, you’ve got a cota to deal with! Hahaha. Sekali libas, guarantee pengsan.


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