Bobo The Clown

Last Tuesday(yea, it’s been that long), a few friends and I sent our friend Johan, off for Melbourne, Australia. After years of not seeing him despite the fact that he lives about a minute away from home, I coincidentally met him everyday during the weekend before he left. Once when I was queueing up for a midnight movie and again at a mamak stall in our neighbourhood. Two of my friends came earlier and hung around at my place before we departed to the airport. We got there minutes before he boarded the plane so we did get the chance to bid our farewells to each other. Met two of our other friends, all of them my schoolmates from back in high school. After Johan took off, we left KLIA and decided to have dinner around Cyberjaya. It was good catching up with everyone… until our topics started to revolve around the supernatural. Urgh!

L-R:Ezrann, Ross, Johan, Me, Fazrin & Diyz.

Yesterday, I finally went to see the Royal London Circus. My mom had wanted to bring my two lil brothers so she and I had left earlier in the morning to buy the tickets before we resumed with grocery shopping. Our show was scheduled at 5.30pm which left us plenty of time. The show was pretty good I guess although the fascination wasn’t as great compared to the last time I was there, roughly about 10 years ago. They also had different performers this time, a little different from what I recall earlier. No form of video/audio device was allowed so no pictures could be taken. But hey, can’t help it if my camera’s installed in my phone can I? :p By the way, if you’ve never seen a live circus performance, you should. At least once in your lifetime. So grab that chance while it’s here in Bandar Utama.

The amazing motorcycle performance where 4 motorcyclists whirled around in that ermmm… ‘ball’.

Towards the finale…

A man isn’t poor if he can still laugh. –Raymond Hitchcock


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