I had an abso-bloody-lutely gloooriouss weekend spent with 2 of my dearest friends Aysha and Munirah in Genting. Covered every single nook and cranny of the place especially the outdoor theme park. Had Mun embarassing the hell out of me when she screamed like a mad woman on the Solero Shot when the darn thing was barely at its peak. That had caused an audience who were queueing up for the ride chuckle to themselves. Didn’t waste any second at all during our time there until we actually left Genting. Even caught a midnight movie on Saturday which was surprisingly full, luckily we had bought tickets earlier. Spent helluva lot, on food AND on rides. The lil trip just depleted my cash account, I’d be lucky if I can scrape enough for dinner. Aysha’s boyfriend being overprotective as he is called like thrice a day to check up on her. If only he knew that we went up to Genting with a prebet sapu… haha! Sorry for the lack of details. I’ll post up proper pictures later.



Yesterday and today, I chauffeured my mom to school to pick up my brothers’ report cards. Kids these days are simply brilliant you know? My 1st Grade brother who obtained a 98.1% average came 4th in class. Which makes you think, what the hey did the kid who came in 1st got? A 100% average? *shudders* Come our generation of kids, 1 year-olds would probably have to start attending kindergartens already or take up tuition classes. The world has turned into one big race I reckon.

A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking. –Earl Wilson


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