What Goes Around Comes Around!

Well well well… remember one my previous entries about the lil girl who mistook someone else’s car for hers? (READ: ME) Ho ho hooo… I’ve got a story for you people. Yesterday morning, that same friend hitched a ride home from me. As we headed to my car, she mocked me jokingly by asking whether I was sure that it was mine(coincidentally AGAIN, an identical car was parked right beside my car). This time around, I was definitely sure as heaven!

Guess what happened that same afternoon? She had herself attempting to enter someone else’s car! Hahah! When Fatin told me, I just couldn’t help laughing and I knew Fatin couldn’t resist from telling me either. However, Haniz’s case was rather different to mine. The car she mistook for hers was parked rather far away from her very apparent bright green car and the car was locked, unlike what happened with mine(the beauty eh?), which makes my incident pretty excusable. Luckily, her friend, Hana was around and at the time also wondered why Haniz was trying to get into someone else’s car. When Haniz had ‘recovered’ only did she realize why the car alarms had sounded so faint…

Moral of the story: Don’t mock or laugh at me… coz hey! You probably won’t see it coming to you just yet. Hahah! (Self-reminder as well…)


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