Going Nuts.

I’m totally messed up. Something’s definitely not functioning in my head these days. Yesterday I had mistaken a tutorial class for my Microprocessing lab session. So I sat there wondering where the hell my partner was. First of all, my name wasn’t in the attendance list but it still didn’t occur to me that this wasn’t lab. I saw familiar faces and a friend even asked, “Are you in my class? I’ve never seen you around.” So yea… I was still in a daze until the lecturer came in and proceeded with his tutorial session, did I realize that my lab was actually in the afternoon albeit in the same lab. I pretended to look through my online notes for a bit and then left. *slaps head* What in the world is wrong with you naz?

Right after finishing my Circuit tutorial at 2, I had accidentally left my calculator without even realizing I did until Ziha called me and returned it. Passed up my assignment and then at 2 o’clock attended THE actual lab. Haniz and I had spent more than 3 hours figuring out the assembly instruction for the microprocessing program. I think we almost pulled our ‘tudung‘ off our heads and banged our heads against the wall. We were among the last to finish and we were pissed coz we could’ve finished earlier if the lab instructor hadn’t wronged our correct program. Immediately after that, it was roughly about 5.15pm then and I was late for my Electromagnetics tutorial. By then my face was flushed and my head was starting to throb and I couldn’t make out a thing the dude was saying up front. Thus, I failed to attend my Math tutorial at 6. Returned ‘home’ and attended to my poor head. If I had gone for Math and if you were observant enough to notice, my class would’ve stretched from 1 till 7pm. A big torture to my small brains you know…

On a further note, I have midterm exams coming up this week AND next week plus a project to finish up on. My group and I are supposed to come up with a functional calculator, both in hardware and software version plus a report… and later present it. So if you’re any good with programming please let me know. I’d gladly accept a hand coz there’s only so much two hands can do.

Therefore, I hereby notify you that I have officially gone nuts.

There is no telling how many miles you will have to run while chasing a dream. –Author Unknown


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