Saving The Bitter Bit For Last… (Part I)

On Fridays, 3 of my classmates and I, we sort of have this weekly-Friday-Mamak-lepaking thingy on campus. It’s during our 2 hour break before Math class at 5.30pm. So yea as usual, we were just basically hanging around and talking when along came my friends’ housemate, Annu. I later found out that she could do palm readings so we were all eager and pestered her to read ours. Although she claims that she’s still learning on it, there are a few things however that she has already got a hold on. Last Friday, one of my friends asked concerning our love lives. So each of us excitedly put our palms out for her to inspect. She casually foresaw everyone’s love life and mine was the last one she read. Annu’s comment on mine was, “Yours is the best one among all of us. You’ll be attracted to one person, be loyal to him and finally get married to that same person.” Impressive huh? Of course to me, this is all just for fun but some people seem to really believe it. Anyway, one of us, Navina, has a boyfriend. Her reading was that she’d have 2 men in her life and so we kept teasing her about how she might not even end up with her current boyfriend. It was just so funny seeing her go all panicky while she goes, “NoOooooOOooooOOoo!!!!!!” Haha.

I had a splendid time spent with Mun dearest on Saturday. Started off with a hearty breakfast at Delifrance and talked a LOT, exchanging stories but basically just enjoying each other’s company. We caught 2 movies that day. We shopped around(or rather I did) and I think I seriously have to stop spending on impulse. I don’t have this problem normally but since my me-going-bonkers issue, I’m starting to do things I don’t normally do. Mun even threatened to take my purse away from me. I really must try and restrain myself from overspending. Yea naz, you can do it!

Sunday night, I attended this lil farewell party for Sze Mun who is leaving for Perth and met a whole bunch of my high school classmates. It was great catching up with all those people especially after like what… 4 years of not seeing each other? Hah! Well they would’ve gotten themselves wasted if it weren’t for the fact that they had to drive home… I was really the only Malay around. There was this one guy, Mun Chiew whom I was really close to back then said, “Come on laa naz, one drink! Lupaaakannnn Tuhan for one night!!” Haha. I really had to laugh coz I knew he was joking. It was great though, I had a rad time. Sze Mun had specifically catered from a Malay caterer on my account. It’s overwhelming really, how these people respect your religion and beliefs. Some of my friends in the UK and Australia were back for summer holidays and I was lucky enough to meet a majority of them if not all. Even got to know new people.

Now I’m home and have to start busting my brains again for my Electromagnetic Theory and Engineering Math 3 midterm exams. So if you’ll excuse me while I go nuts all over again…


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