I can’t even begin to describe how life is at the moment… everything’s going helter-skelter and I’m on the edge, holding on for dear life. But to the very few who brightened up my rainy days, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, you know who you are.

Last weekend, my mom and I had gone on a shopping rampage. How does that sound? Hehe, well we were busy shopping for raya textiles for ourselves and relatives like we do every year and I chose this pretty cream sequined textile for my 1st day of raya!!! Yaay!!! (Before someone asks, yes, 1st day raya baju lain, 2nd raya lain, 3rd raya lain and beberapa hari lagi lain, haha! The advantages of being an only girl, bliss ey? :p) So… siapa nak sedondon dengan saya di pagi raya?


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