Something Smells…

I loathe watching the news and reading the papers these days. Every page I turn to or anything screened on the idiot box is never without murders or any other form of killings. What is happening to the world or our strip of land specifically? What has become of the humanity and the good morale Asians are supposed to impose? Have our people lost their common sense at all? What’s with strangling 3 of your kids to death and your own? All this is turning into major chaos. And for paranoid people like me, leaving home without so much of an escort suddenly gives me goosebumps all over. *shudders*

About my calculator, I give up. I mean that’s it! It won’t display a damn character and the sight of the circuit is enough to make me purge. We’ve worked our asses off for so many weeks on it and if it’s not gonna cooperate, what can I say… just “Hargailah kalkulator anda!”

All this stinks!

My poor poor calculator… *sniff2*


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