Of Soulmates

Do you believe in such thing as soulmates? Someone who complements you in every way imaginable, who’ll walk through that aisle with you hand in hand(or not) and vow to spend the rest of their life with you no matter what the future holds in store? Some people say there is one special individual custom made perfectly for each person in this world. Do you believe that? And if so, what makes you so sure that he/she is THE one?

You can’t know for sure, to me at least. I remember writing a piece during 5th form about life partners(which I scored unbelievably in, trust me to menggoreng tah hape hape). I notice that some people hop from one person to another and oh-so-proudly talk about the case of their exes like it’s some super-duper-mega-achievement. Being able to ‘fish’ just about anyone they want. Is it the satisfaction or is it the challenge of doing so? Please enlighten me coz I’m not exactly seeing the light here and for what purpose it fits.

You know what would be the greatest thing of all? To fall hard for someone once and for all and end up spending the rest of your life with just that one person… without any haunting past relationships OR freaky exes. That’d be the bliss-est thing ever.

So much for acting like a hopeless romantic.

On another note, Mr. Flu decided to pounce on me just a few days shame before my final strikes. I’m on all sorts of meds this time around, I don’t know if I can even sense my head. I’m so flu-proned, I hate it. Can’t wait for the japs I’ll be getting right after finals(not related to flu), not because I’m excited about a needle poking around somewhere in my body but because this agony I’ve had for months just has to end. Carrying it around has proved to be an awful burden. I’ll probably resume blogging after finals(or not) so yea… I’ll be needing all the prayers I can get. So do pray for me beautiful people…

“If you love someone, say it, right then, out loud…otherwise, the moment just passes you by.” — Michael O’Neal [My Best Friend’s Wedding]


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