Clad in a pair of baju kurung, Mun and I set out in the drizzling rain(in a car of course) to watch the very much sought after theatre, ‘Dejavu’. The theatre which has previously been performed twice finally came to meet its audience for the third time in the ever prestigious world class Istana Budaya. Although feeling entirely elated, after what seems like ages since my last rendezvous there, I couldn’t deny the pang of sadness I felt after realizing it’d be the last one with my favourite theatre buddy before she departs to Cardiff. The beautifully lighted Istana Budaya in all its glory stood magnificently even in the rain.

Anyhow, we made it just in time despite the heavy traffic. Ogy of course stole the limelight of the whole performance. Her character as an Indonesian immigrant was perfectly portrayed. Being the person she is, added to her hilarious outbursts, she managed to bring the whole show alive. ‘Dejavu’ successfully devoured the many elements and issues faced in our current society. Patriotisme, love and religion among many others. It was highly educational yet at the same time infused with a dosage or two of hilarity.

Upon leaving, something intrigued my curiosity somehow. The dresscode had somehow degraded from it’s normally strict formal codewear to a lot of exposed skin. Which leaves me wondering, what has happened to the standard of Istana Budaya in upholding its formality? Jeans is supposedly a definite no-no. But what do I see? Ladies in jeans! I remembered attending one during high school and a friend had on something decent but apparently too casual. She was refused entry but was later allowed to go in but in a very well secluded, not to mention lousy seating. And now, all that seems to have changed. I mean what is wrong with dressing properly and decently once in a while? It’s probably the only few times you get to dress up for a function anyway. All I’m saying is, at least be aware of what you are supposed to wear given the circumstance and occasion.

‘Dejavu’ will end on the 19th, there is still time if any of you are interested.


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