And She’s Off…

In life, you’ll come to meet many friends. There will be those you knew from kindergarten, friends who used to live across the street from you, friends you knew from other friends, friends from soccer or basketball practice and the list goes on and on. You can ‘friend-categorize’ them all you want but the ones who stay true to you, the ones you turn to during times of high and low, the ones you can afford to act silly and be stupid with aren’t many. They fall under a special category all on its own. Munirah Mazlan tops mine.

If I were to list down all the memories we’ve shared, the countless laughters we shamelessly let out, the crazy stunts we pulled, I’d have to write a book, complete with chapters and sub-chapters. The most amazing part is, it’s been practically a decade down a meandering road since I knew her, yet she means more to me now than she ever did. Our paths have diverged but the different roads we trudge along will not just meet at one point, but will definitely intertwine somewhere along the way.

Now, whenever I return home for the weekend, I’d have to live with the fact that I can’t call her out for a movie anymore, not a theatre, not even a drink whilst chatting away. Most of all, I won’t get to hear her say, “Don’t miss me too much!” as I drop her off after a day out. Because that’s exactly how I feel right now, I’m missing her so much…

During those few seconds we hugged before she boarded the plane off to Cardiff, I couldn’t help but feel the sudden rush of happy memories she and I once shared. As the hot tears welled up in my eyes, she comfortingly whispered, “Don’t cry Naz, there will always
be the Net,” and so I smiled. But we both knew, no matter how close technology can bring two people together, it is never the same, it lacks the human touch. A goodbye isn’t forever I know, yet the absence of someone we have grown so accustomed to will absolutely leave an impact greater that you’ll ever know.

She left me a gift before leaving. A gift that put mine to shame. There, neatly layed in a funky box, was an album. It wasn’t just an ordinary album that bore pictures of us from when we first knew each other until now but it was also carefully inserted with quotes and stories of what we once encountered, printed on beautiful coloured paper. The effort that was put into it touched my heart. And now, whenever I flip through it, I’ll always remember… the story of us.

The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart. –Elisabeth Foley


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