What’s In A Word?

I’ve always wondered how words came into existence. How something invented by humans could contribute such profound meanings into our lives. I mean, can I just create a word like ‘gandiboorah’ and have it mean for instance– eternal bliss? Imagine, after having an absolutely wonderful stress-free day of fun under the sun, with friends and family around you, sipping away cocktail with delicious, juicy barbecued chicken and mutton to go with, plus caramel flambe to top it off and all of a sudden, you go, “This is what I call… gandiboorah.” Exaggerating the ‘r’ for effectiveness.

Or do you think I wonder too much?

Words are simply made up of letters, like the ones I’m typing away. But when said or written to someone or people, the consequences may only fall under two categories. Either they just plain sting or they make a turning point in your life. Earlier today, I was blessed with the latter, by someone who means more and more to me with each passing day. Some people have that effect on you. It could be your lover or your parents, could even be your best friend. But above all, can you believe that it’s all in a matter of words?

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.
–William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet


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