I was hanging out with a classmate the other day while waiting for a tutorial class when the subject of cats was brought up. He was yakkity yakking about those creatures when I boldly made a statement of how I didn’t exactly have a liking for felines.

Instantly, I was accused of being a terrible terrible person!

“Naz you’re so terrible! How can you not like cats!?” he exclaimed with disgust.

“You should come to my place, I have about 5 or 6 of ’em.”

“No thanks,” was all I could mutter.

Now what is wrong with not liking cats? Honestly, I think kittens are cute, but when they are full grown cats, they actually… scare me. Hahah. Really! Once while having a drink with my friends at some mapley, a cat brushed my foot and I nearly jumped with fright and turned the whole table over!

Really, cats aren’t my thing. And the fact that I have siblings who are asthmatic don’t help either. So yea, if you have cats, get them away from me. Hahah.

If only cats grew into kittens. –R. Stern


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