4 Days Left …

Waiting in the car in the heavy rain while my brother went to buy his cravings, I saw this old Chinese couple about to cross the street. My guess would be both were no less than 70. The lady walked with one of those walking sticks that branched into four at the end for stability while the husband seemed to be of better health. What caught my eye was how the husband lovingly held his wife’s arm and led her across the street, all the time with a genuine smile on his face. It was as if it was a responsibility he loved doing most. I wonder how many of us would still be as loving and caring at that age?

Yesterday morning, I was awoken by my brother’s phonecall. “Kaklong! I got 5A’s.” I said, “Heyyyyy congratulations!!!” with much enthusiasm… and went back to sleep. You see, it’s not that I’m not excited of his success but everyone sort of expected it. Him getting 5A’s was something that we all assumed would come in naturally. His school emerged best in the Federal Territory with 94 out of 186 scoring a perfect string of A’s. In the top 2 classes which was streamed since the beginning of the year, out of 80, 79 achieved 5A’s. Crazy smart asseslah kids these days.

Speaking of Raya, my Raya cards boleh kira dengan 2 jari. Hahah. I guess most of us have resorted to the hi-tech way of wishing friends and family. Instead of the traditional way of sending out Raya cards, people have succumbed to SMS-ing and instant messaging. Not only does it save time and trouble but it’s prompt and well… you get a Raya wish back, no? Hehe.

Anyway, in case this is my last entry before I go off to hometown on Friday, I would like to take this golden opportunity to wish everyone a glorious Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir & Batin for all non-intended wrongdoings and uhmm… perhaps intended ones too. Heheh. God bless!!!


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