On Aidilfitri…

Ramadhan this year has got to be the fastest one I’ve ever experienced. Maybe because I was going through a short semester and being busy with classes and all got me pretty occupied. Saturday morning before Raya, my mom, aunt and I were down in the kitchen filling in ketupat sarungs with beras and chopping kilos and kilos of meat to make rendang. Try sitting down for hours cutting those and you’ll get what I mean. I had a sore back after that.

Raya was festive, just like every other Raya I’ve had in my hometown in Melaka. Food was ample, lotsa people came… especially kids making their rounds of collecting duit raya. We had rendang, ketupat, lemang, kuah kacang, sambal lodeh, kurmak and the likes. I must’ve consumed a generous amount of rounds of all those.

But Raya for me this time was put to a halt when I sadly had to make an early leave to resume hitting the books for my finals next week. At this very moment, my parents and brothers are probably still having a blast raya-ing with the rest of my extended family. Ah well, sacrifices have to be made. Just a few more days and hey, I’m back to celebrating and stuffing myself again!

The above pictures are snaps of my late paternal grandparents’ house. It doesn’t look very kampung-ish does it? It used to be, really. I should’ve taken snaps of my late maternal grandparents’ place which looks more kampung-like but since most of my time was not spent there, I naturally forgot.

Anyway, to those who sent in lovely, humorous, thoughtful SMS-es to which I didn’t have the luxury in replying to all, thank you very much. Salam Aidilfitri from me and have a good Syawal!


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