When Two Become One…

The wedding was simple but splendidly magnificent. Today, I attended a wedding of my senior, Azrina from back in my Paris days. The beauty of the wedding was how it became a little congregation of ex-Paris-diplomats… and how I reunited with friends from the times I spent there for a quarter of my life. It was amazing how many still looked the same after all these years and everything seemed to fall into place and pick up from where things were left off. The sense of belonging was unmistakenly there.

Sometimes, I guess when you are away from family, you tend to make the best of what you have. When you don’t have family around, friends are immediate alternatives. It probably explains how even after a decade, things just fall back into pace, almost naturally.

The montage they created was sweet. Pictures of cute kiddy days to touching poems of what they think and expect of each other in the marriage. I smiled, because the cute Kak Azrina in the montage was the Kak Azrina I knew and came to love. I sat in front with my parents, somehow stuck among Datuks & Tan Sri’s who were given the honour to merenjis. The bride looked blissfully happy, not to mention gorgeous. She caught my eye from where she sat bersanding and smiled, I came over to her later while she was eating and we hugged and kissed. Can’t believe she’s now married.

I was genuinely excited seeing everybody after all these years. I kept getting comments on how different I looked. I mean heck, be specific, do I look cuter or what??? :p

I came home feeling a part of me, complete. That I still have what I thought I lost.

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. –Mignon McLaughlin, The Second Neurotic’s Notebook, 1966


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