Vroom Vroom!!!

Saturday morning was like any other Saturdays I woke up to. As usual, the sun was shining its golden shade, my dad was reading his daily dose of news outside with a fresh, steaming, hot coffee by his side and the noise of my mom tinkering around in the kitchen could clearly be heard. No one would’ve figured that anything would go wrong.

… my parents had a wedding to attend. Little did we know that some idiot(s) had done a perfectly clean job of removing a tyre out of our car nestled right in front of our gates. Apparently, they had a few other bricks on standby and we figured that their actual plan was of course to remove more than just one tyre but ran out of time(?).

Now, we had 2 ways of looking at it.

The negative side…
1) Previously, we had had the car STOLEN, right in front of our own gates. (And you actually thought that your humble abode is a safe place to be– think again.)
2) And then you figure… “Ehh, suweyyylahhh this car!”
3) Now, I can’t help thinking that my dozing off incident was because of the car and not me. No? Okay okay. (Saje nak tambah negative points, hihi)

The bright side…
1) It was an office car, wholly owned by the government and any expenses of damage was fully sponsored.
2) Ermm that car that got stolen, well… it was found later somewhere in Sg. Buloh with all it’s accessories missing of course. (So if you’ve had a case of a stolen car, it’s probably somewhere in Sg. Buloh too where a lot of other stolen cars are, haha.)

Hence, I present to you, our demented car. Tadaaaa!!!

Stupidity is not a handicap. Park elsewhere! –Author unknown


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