The last time I did any form of poetry writing was ages ago. I used to write dark poetries at times of depression. You could say I was an emotionally disturbed person inside once upon a time although I didn’t quite show it… I even got counseled once in 2nd Form by a very concerned teacher whom I thought could see right through me. Well that’s another story of course. It’s amazing how I turned out, no? *grins*

Anyway, last week however when a dear friend Mun asked me a favour for her poetry assignment, I initially hesitated. Well first of all, what kind of a sick poem is a dying patient who’s about to donate his organs? Second of all, I couldn’t believe a poetry writing assignment was given out to a student studying medicine. But heck, I thought I’d give it a shot. Not like I did anything productive this past holiday.

And so my feeble attempt turned out like this…

The Patient

I’m environed by purity,
By all that is white,
Like the crispy clean sheets,
Where my lifeless body lies in sight.

The walls that surround me,
Like a blanket of winter,
As tranquil as I may insinuate,
I am now nothing but soon a cadaver.

I have lived and I have loved,
Braving the impossible and weathering the wild,
Withstanding the grapples of all the infeasible,
Yet here I inertly lie, motionlessly beguiled.

My search is complete,
My journey worthwhile,
I may now rest in peace,
While another can smile.

Nazihah Ismail
December 2004


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